Saturday, 19 June 2010

Secret Prisons and Torture to Continue under Obama

According to a Los Angeles Times report, a senior U.S. official stated the Obama administration wants to detain and interrogate non-Afghan terrorism suspects captured in countries outside Afghanistan in a section of the Bagram prison, even after it turns the prison over to Afghan "control."

The proposal is reportedly in the early stages of development.

This is consistent with Obama’s record of continuing and expanding the national security state begun by the Bush regime. Bagram is one of the pre-eminent hellhole prisons currently run by the U.S. military. In many respects it is even worse than Gitmo, with torture and death being the result for many prisoners detained there.

To date, Obama administration lawyers have been successful in court in arguing that prisoners held at Bagram are not entitled to due process rights such as habeas corpus. As a result of the federal court victory, the U.S. can use Bagram to detain indefinitely, without any judicial oversight, "terrorism suspects" captured far from any battlefield who have not been charged with any crime.

Furthermore, the Obama Administration has also failed to charge any members of the previous administration with War Crimes (torture, illegal invasions etc). This clear lack of action is an obstruction of justice. When there is overwhelming evidence of criminal activity against US Laws & Constitution the Congress and President are OBLIGATED to act. By defending the indefensible, and continuing the policies of the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration is acting beyond the Law.

The questions being raised here are not partisan arguments favouring a left or right view, but questions dealing with criminal conduct ! The game here needs to be exposed so we can stop the corruption. Obama's lot needs to be held accountable as much as Bush's lot. No one should be above the Law.

Readers should note: the US is run by an establishment that controls both political parties. The Left(Liberal)-Right(Conservative) paradigm is theatre for the population. At the very top, the leaders of the major political parties, the President, the Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader etc, are bought and paid for by elite special interests.

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steven andresen said...


If I had to explain this issue, I would start out with the claim that the country is a matter of principles. The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is about the principles it stands by. So, if a country says it is a democracy, but does its laws do not allow for free elections, then, it is really something less than a democracy.

So, if the government acts, if even fpr a special few individuals that it decides upon, to snatch them off the streets and 'disappear' them, all while talking up how free and for the people it is, it is really a sham democracy.

I think most people can understand the idea. It's like, they understand the Gettysburg Address, which is all about the principles fought over at that local battle.

They may not agree, because they think our poop doesn't stink. But, they would see where the argument would be going.