Tuesday, 15 June 2010

On the Edge with David DeGraw & Economic Death Squad Leader, Timothy Geithner

Guest today is David DeGraw (here is his new site) to talk about his new report on financial terrorism. Also discussed is how the appearance of economic death squad leader, Timothy Geithner, at the head of the NY Fed should have been a warning sign.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 15th, 2010.]


steven andresen said...


This discussion lead by Keizer was pretty good. Clear. You could think about whether it made sense. You could understand the attack he was making.

One thing puzzles me. Why does the CIA have this agenda that starts out assassinating people and overthrowing governments in one way, and then changes methods to employ economic "hit men" having the same goals?

Is it all about domination even when it comes to the American people? What kind of a national spook service would that be? Are they just serving the interests of the wealthy?

I wonder how any government could create such an institution that would have the goal of destroying the economic health of one's own country, destroy its democracy, and so on?

Are the politicians and even the spooks deluded about the end result that they think they would get by doing these things?

I would think they are deluded. But is it as simple as that?

SpookyPunkos said...


The CIA has always been an agent of the power structure. Many people follow the media's portrayal of the CIA and its motives which is not accurate. They have strategic-corporate advantage as their goal.

However, part of protecting the powergame involves a "defence" of the USA and its people, to the degree that the people can be useful in helping maintain US hegemony.

Recently, in terms of general US political decisions, we have seen less adheraece to the strength of the US entity (population+corporate interlinked) and a move to corporatism at the expense of the people.

This trend to a weaker population and more powerful elites is due to the political-corporate establishment running the US rather than the CIA. Although powerful, and part of the shadow system, the CIA is still largely a tool.

BUT, the CIA (and military) operates, despite the destruction of the US people's wealth and democracy, in an environment that still has a semblance of what we imagine the world should be- democratic, run via Laws etc. Because of this sitution many people, not in the highest ranks of intelligence and military can believe they are working for a good cause.

Having said that, some people in the intelligence game, even at a low level, as protected individuals on salary, will go along with a game that does not overly help the average America living next door to them. They submit, happily or unhappily, to the strategic thinkers mind set. The self importance of being a spook-or analysist etc.

One more thing. What we are seeing today is the result of historical circumstances. At one point there was no CIA, but there were still shadow agents of government pulling strings on behalf of the Washington Establishment. Post WW2 the game has becoming bigger and more complex, but it is still the same game.

Despite this situation all is not lost for the plight of the average person. Slowly we are seeing an awareness of what is going on. More ordinary people know about it providing a greater chance that the elite players in this game can be reigned in or stopped.