Saturday, 12 June 2010

Keiser Report – Sucking Gold & Slurping Silver with Freddie, Fannie & Confucius

We look at “sucking gold and slurping silver” with Goldman Sachs in China and at banks refusing to buy back their toxic loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Vincent Fernando of Business Insider about debt deflation, wage inflation and austerity measures.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 12th, 2010.]


steven andresen said...


The comments they made about suicides and rioting were disconcerting.

The austerity measures could only be thoroughly implemented if the rulers of the country could tolerate the rioting or the suicides....?

So, I imagine the corporatist control of the U.S. government can go on as it has been, that is, without trying to cover it up and only coming up with the thinnest of rationalizations, because the rioting and protests and meager investigative and prosecutorial efforts haven't been very damaging to it.

Is the next thing, well, they don't care even if there's rioting and suicides. They won't care, I suppose, because the U.S. military is paid a trillion dollars a year to protect the corporations and their government from any complaints coming from the rest of us.

...the rioting and agents of change...

It reminds me of the Buddhist Priests who use to set themselves on fire protesting the American involvement in VietNam.

Lot of good that did anyone.

SpookyPunkos said...


The situation is grim indeed, but ever the optimist, I believe that eventually as things get worse the people will pick up on the problems with both the govt and the corporatists.

Already we have an awareness with the tea party movement. Many people now realise that the Federal Reserve Banking System is a private scam.

The road is a difficult one but I think we have enough information out in the public domain to allow for real change. Some people will riot, and some will attemept to change the govt with independent representatives who can impliment or enforce regulations . Some will go after the criminals using legal or other measures, such as via insurrection etc

I agree that the military is very powerful, but those in uniform, and also the police, are part of the general (suffering) population. They will not all go along with the robbing/destruction of the country.