Thursday, 10 June 2010

Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Fraud! Racketeering And Michael Hudson!

In this episode, we look at the scandals of financial wiseguys that ‘know nothing,’ including famed ‘value investor,’ Warren Buffett who says he knows nothing about his investments and nothing about how ratings contributed to the housing bubble. In the second half of the show, Max interviews economist Michael Hudson about the Latvian economy and real liberal economics.

Easy to understand financial news is essential. When disaster strikes it's good to have warning. This is perhaps the best financial news bulletin available on the Internet. Pay attention !

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steven andresen said...


You are correct to advertize the Keizer Report, and this one was particularly interesting.

I've read and gotten a lot out of the stuff Hudsen has written. His writings appear a lot on

There were two take-away points to this episode. One, has to do with the corruption in government across a wide range of topics, the oil industry and how it treats the environment as its trash can, the economy and how finance capital steals from people with impunity, and so forth.

All of this in the face of Obama who argued that he would do something to clean up what Bush left in Washington.

The second point is that what happens in other countries can teach us about our own future. So, just as what happened in Chile under Pinochet was used by economics theorists to promote policies in Britain under Thatcher, and elsewhere, so, what's happening in Latvia can tell us what will be promoted in the PIG countries, and what happens there will happen here.

It just seems so odd to me that there is not more resistance to this.

I listen to talk radio some. Always the Progressive end.

The guy who does the "ED Show" is a big Obama supporter. He argues that, despite whatever Obama has done to health care reform by destroying 'single payer' or the 'workers right to choose' legislation, he is still for the workers and for health care reform. People tell him that Obama is all about corporations and intelligence operations, and, well,...Ed tells us that is just insulting.

Greenwald had a good piece today talking about how Obama and Clinton and the rest of the establishment Dems supported Sen. Lincoln against her lefty challenger in her state's primary. This, despite Obama arguing it was dem senators like Lincoln who stood in the way of his progressive agenda in Congress.

So, I suspect its all about Obama making himself out to be an advocate for the field slaves when as a house slave he's actually working for the interests of the plantation owners.

The fact that he might be able to wangle a few new pairs of shoes for us, or patch up the holes in our shacks, might help us a little, and more than what McCain promised to do, but, he is still promoting policies that keep us enslaved on a plantation.