Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Doctors 'Helped Test Waterboarding Technique on Terror Suspects in U.S. Custody'

'We're saying there needs to be a search warrant. If the White House does not act on this, it's turning its back on something that could be perceived as a war crime.'

According to the report: 'Medical personnel were required to monitor all waterboarding practices and collect detailed medical information that was used to design, develop and deploy subsequent waterboarding procedures.'

The report said doctors recommended adding salt to the water used for waterboarding so the patient wouldn't experience hyponatremia, a condition of 'low sodium levels in the blood caused by free water intoxication'.

The report interpreted that doctor-recommended practice of using saline solution as 'Waterboarding 2.0'.

It also said information was gathered on the pain inflicted when various techniques were used in combination.
Mr Raymond said the purpose was to see if the pain caused violated Bush administration definitions of torture, rather than as a safeguard of the detainees' health.

Medical personnel also monitored sleep deprivation, with sleepless stints from 48 hours to 180 hours - again to make sure it did not cause prolonged physical and mental suffering, as per those Bush administration definitions, rather than to watch out for harm to the detainee.

Waterboarding IS a War Crime. Those involved in its application have committed criminal acts. A Criminal Investigation into EVERYONE caught up in this activity must be initiated.

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