Friday, 28 May 2010

Do Not be Complacent about the Threat of False Flag Terror

Get this straight: Being concerned about false flag terror attacks, like 911 and 7/7, is not simply an academic exercise. Too often members of our society thoughtlessly dismiss the threat of staged terror as either fanciful or something abstract that they can't do anything about. Both these views are wrong, narrow-minded, and leave the door open for further victimisation of the population.

The main problem we face is that most people have been conditioned towards a highly superficial (or a priori) view about staged terror events - one that is entirely negative. This extremely biased outlook tends to sabotage a person's ability to think independently and discourages basic fact checking. The population is inclined to believe the official story every time because they "know" any alternative narrative "has to be" untrue.

This presumptive anti-conspiracy point of view is a direct result of faulty or deceptive thinking pushed by mainstream academia and government spokespeople and amplified in the corporate media. It is a view based solely upon an appeal to authority rather than resting on established facts or verified scientific evidence.

It should be emphasised that understanding the truth about false flag terror has nothing to do with intelligence either. It has more to do with our propensity to avoid ridicule and to believe, at face value, many widely accepted arguments put by authority figures.

When mainstream intellectuals swear that Western false flag terror events fall within the domain of myth, these individuals always have either a conflict of interest with the establishment (they are authority figures representing defence/intelligence interests) or they have only a superficial understanding of the situation at hand. It follows that other educated people, influenced by these compromised peers, fall into line and accept the half baked assessments spewed forth.

The population has been trained to think that mature or intelligent people should always outright reject "crazy" ideas of conspiracy, especially those involving assassinations or false flag terror attacks. It is cultural conditioning that destroys an individual's ability to think for themselves and take action.

On another level many people simply don't care about false flag terror. They don't see how anything could be done about it anyway. It is the problem of apathy born out of lack of knowledge. Unfortunately many people in affluent Western society are too absorbed with their own immediate surroundings (having been conditioned on a diet of trivial entertainment) to care about critical world changing incidents resulting from the criminal actions of their own Governments.

Leading this apathetic mindset is the general non-acceptance of false flag terror events as FACT. Alas, too many people have lacked knowledge of past conspiratorial deeds-- such as Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, The Gulf of Tonkin "Incident", The Reichstag Fire etc -- that they don't realise how common false flag events are in the history of the world. Governments, corporations, military and intelligence groups DO conspire to kill their own citizens. Only information about these crimes can awaken the masses to the dangers of their present way of thinking.

In summary the 2 core problems with most people's world views are:

1). Conspiracy on a "large scale" by Western Governments are fanciful notions, especially those events dealing with assassination or mass murder, and;

2). We can't really do anything to change such things (there will will always be corruption)

Education and a level of imagination will solve this situation.

By remaining ignorant and apathetic, it's the lives of your friends, family and kids that are put at risk. Consider what sort of hell-future they will have to endure if no one has the courage to speak up.

Things CAN change for the better. The criminals running false flag scams are few in number and they are just men, not Gods. And remember, things that were hard or "impossible" to change in the past do change.

The time WILL come when EVERYONE knows the truth about 911 and 7/7. At that point independent Military, Law Enforcement and Judicial officers will be forced to take action to stop the corruption. With an informed population we will see a real criminal investigation (or revolution).

The first step is education. When the knowledge of 911 and 7/7 become COMMON KNOWLEDGE a deadly serious distrust will develop of those in positions of power. We will see a radical transformation of the present power structure towards an extremely open, transparent and accountable system. Justice will be done.

So be concerned about false flag terror. You can make a difference. Educate yourselves. Educate others. Things can change. The next attack may impact YOU. We have yet to see a biological, chemical or nuclear incident.

By Spookypunkos

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 28th, 2010.]


steven andresen said...


I am impressed with your argument. It says that if only people are given the data that you and others have about the facts of how governments have plotted against their own people, in order to manipulate them into supporting certain desired policies, then that knowledge will bring about a more open and trustworthy government.

I appreciate what you've said because it tries to clarify the situation we are in and attempts, through its clarified view of things, point towards a more satisfying outcome.

I think you have to address certain objections to your argument which, I believe, makes it clear that education about the facts of 9-11, or any of the other government backed conspiracies, will not lead to a brighter tomorrow.

It's my understanding that as the issues of slavery and the economic position of the country became clearer to people in the 1800's, the country did not develop any more open and less manipulative government. We had, instead, a civil war. The divisions were so deep and people understood that they were on one side or another and no compromises could be found that, by the 1860's, things came to blows.

In this case, clarification and education of the masses lead to violence.

I think the debate about abortion, or the economy where Marxists and the left are in a dispute with the Libertarians and the right, the dispute about the environment where the tree-huggers disagree with the corporations about whether the earth is a garbage can, all these disputes have been clarified and people are being educated, and yet, there is no expectation that government, or corporations, or the regulators, will be more open and less manipulated, or manipulating.

I suspect one reason that you are not making any headway on your quest to educate people is that there is a large number of people who, though they were not involved in the plotting or the doing of the inside work, know that there was an inside job done. And, they also have a good idea that if that was acknowledged, then the credibility of the government...the President, the Congress, the military, its spooks, everything would be so undermined, that the U.S. could not continue as before as a country that controls its own destiny.

This is the reason that people believe there was a cover-up of Kennedy's assasination. It was too an inside job, and the powers that be recognized that the country could not have remained the same if that fact was openly acknowledged.

So, I think most people believe that educating people about the facts of 9-11 will not be a good thing for anyone who now benefits from the United States. They just don't buy your expectation that truth brings freedom and through Freedom one lives better.

SpookyPunkos said...

If people believe that the truth here will be more disruptive than anything else then I can only argue that there are consequences for doing nothing.

I would also argue that the action taken, the change, may not be as dire as predicted.

The future is an undiscovered country and things do not always follow as has happened in the past.

I can only say to those with the truth and Law on their side - I ask for them to be mindful of the pitfuls and be prepared for them.

As you know I favour pushing to have the corrupt system challenged. I would argue that exposing false flag terror is not a left or right problem, or an issue that will necessarily destroy the US State. I see it as something bringing everyone together in a common cause.

One of the things that struck me on 911 were reports, soon after the attacks, about creating a better world. People were so shocked by the killing of innocents that they were thinking what happened that led to this, and how can we make sure people will not commit suicide attacks (those assuming the official story is true) like this in the future ?

I'd like to tap that good natured sentiment and remind people about it. We CAN come together and not be terrorised and we can make a better world, but we need to recognise the complexities of the real world and the forces conspiring against such change.

Thanks for your compliment about the essay. Much appreciated.

steven andresen said...


You said this,

"As you know I favour pushing to have the corrupt system challenged. I would argue that exposing false flag terror is not a left or right problem, or an issue that will necessarily destroy the US State. I see it as something bringing everyone together in a common cause."

I have to say that you have not responded well to my challenge.

Yes, I agree it's not a left/right problem. It seems that the corporations push the secret plans to gut the state so they can profit endlessly. And so, when you push for the exposure of their plans, I don't see them just giving up. I see more and more fascistic policies and institutions planned and adopted.

I don't see us coming together now. I see the government changing and the culture underneath it changing to accept more and more tyranny.

The President can now assassinate Americans without trial. It's the James Bond lisence to kill plan. For real. Does this seem like we're coming together to fight the people who planned and carried out 9-11 as an inside job?

Exposure of 9-11 as an inside job alone, without some movement to do something about the underlying problems cannot bring about a brighter tomorrow., except as some Potemkin tomorrow.

I'm sorry about the grim scenario prediction, but I don't see it your way.

SpookyPunkos said...

You seem to have a very negative view of the outcome of enacting change, and also people's views about starting change. I do not think that most people are afraid of the country imploding.

I think that people are not so worried about putting people in high office on trial. I think the problem is that many can't imagine how this could be started. Who would do it ? Who will stand up ?

As things get worse in the country and more and more people wake up to the truth about the Government, they realise that the establishment, "the man", needs to be challenged. The illusion that nothing can be done is fading.

We do have a number of individuals coming forward, and this is spread via the internet, leading the way. These people include alternative media hosts and also some politicians.

This is why education, about Establishment crime (including false flags), and implanting ideas like "no one is above the Law" does make a difference. It creates a groundswell of people ready to support a return to The Constitution.

People are coming together with alternative movements against the status quo. Tea party people, and real progressives are attracting attention as are alternative media personalities and the truth movement.

Yes, I agree that the establishment will not give up their power easily, but I do not see the people giving up the fight against the oppression, oppression which is becoming more and more obvious.

As I see it the education of the population about 911 is the start. It's not the end. It helps to open a huge can of worms.

Other issues may prompt action against the present regime, in terms of the tea party, anti-war and anti-Fed groups. One thing about 911, it does open a big window into what's happening in terms of murder, treason, manipulation, deception, military industrial corruption etc etc.