Sunday, 11 April 2010

Farewell Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts- Media & Government Censorship Stopping Real reform.

Paul Craig Roberts expresses his frustration with the censorship of 9/11 and why he is no longer going to write his bi-weekly column for such sites as Counterpunch and He explains that if people can't deal with 9/11 they can't adequately deal with any of the other important topics we are needing to deal with as well !

As Roberts takes time out from the infowar we will continue the fight to get the word out about 911. I am 100% confident that eventually EVERYONE will realise the truth about these attacks.

We will educate and inform all comers about the evidence and the key issues. We will fight the propaganda and censorship using the hard evidence and our own skills at communication. Already millions know what has occurred thanks to online campaigning. We have the evidence and we have the tools. We will never give up !

(~Remember: Only the truth about 911 will stop the war on terror~)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 11th, 2010.]

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