Friday, 30 April 2010

DEBUNKED ! History Channel's Documentary: "The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction?"

The History Channel's Documentary on 911 was an exercise in pushing unsubstantiated propaganda and pseudo-scientific nonsense. The following video deconstructs the lies and techniques used in that program:

(Story sourced from Debunking the Debunkers blog.)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 30th, 2010.]


steven andresen said...


Do you think there's a building somewhere where intelligence agency guys sit around strategizing how to respond to the articles, movies, blog posts, and so on being writtten arguing, to the effect, that 9-11 was an inside job?

I imagine quite a large portion of the black ops budget of the intelligence services, that part of the budget the Congress isn't told about, is devoted to proping up the credibility of the U.S. government, a job made necasary by it's being responsible for all these murders and thefts and general hooliganism.

Suppose there is some committee convened in one of those buildings. Do they get directions from somewhere more secret and top top security telling them the story of what they're supposed to be doing.

It goes like this, "Well, we have to respond to another one of those G Da...d Loose Change versions...This one has more footage of John here shooting down another aircraft...What are your thoughts?"

I have to think that such a committee could not contain scientist types devoted to weighing evidence as though they were looking for truth. They would have to have some idea one way or the other. They would have to be committed to the official story, and consider no doubts, and defend it without wondering about the truth of it, or, they would have to have some idea that yes, it was an inside job, and their job was in covering this up for the "good" of the country.

I think this would make a great movie. We'd have these discussions of these bureucrats sitting around a table at CIA headquarters discussing what they're going to do to crush the 9-11 truth movement, or who they'll have to do away with by having their plane mishapped out of the sky,...and so forth.

Doesn't the 9-11 truth movement have to imagine that there's a continuing organized effort to keep the cover-up going?

SpookyPunkos said...

Hi Steven,

Yes your thoughts here reflect my own.

Our "opponents" here do deliberately take propaganda action, and engage in murder, in order to suppress key information and ideas.

If you are an intelligence agency, protecting the status quo, it is logical to take such measures.

We know that there has always been a connection between the media and power (either corporate power or government/intelligence).

Having paid or extorted journalists & editors ready to spin a story is part of the game.

Furthermore, we know from COINTELPRO documents that agencies, such as the FBI, will undermine government opposition groups through all manner of "false flag" & smear actions involving undercover agents.

We can expect that most hardcore debunkers, due to the completely ridiculous nature of their spin, are co-opted disinfo agents whose mission is to fool the masses, masses who do not often look closely at details. Many debunkers seem too intelligent to believe the rubbish they push.

Alex Jones is right on the money when he says "there is a war on for your mind".

This war, for the debunkers, is based upon rhetoric, distortion, lies and ridicule. This is a weak position to hold when hard evidence EXPOSES the game.

Using ridicule and rhetoric spewed by authority figures is very effective but in today's society there are too many informed people who will stand up to this tactic.

The problem these days for defenders of the official version of events is that western society now has a strong Internet culture.

People now can be easily informed by a few videos detailing past misdeeds and corruption. Peoples minds are being altered to accept things as fact that were previously consigned to the "I don't know" or "unproven conspiracy theory" basket. The documents are right there for anyone to see.

Information and independent expert analysis, that could be hidden more easily in the past, now leaks out very rapidly.

Also, with 911 we have a golden goose that has laid a golden egg of evidence. It's the biggest mistake made by "the powers that be" that has ever happened for two reasons:

1.) It invokes a massive emotional reaction- which means many people will look into it in some detail. [If we were talking about a simple plane crash, like Flight 800, then not so many would care.]

2.) there is obvious and overwhelming evidence that almost anyone can understand, that proves the attacks were an inside job. Too many mistakes were made. If they had used a nuke someplace, rather than aircraft striking buildings that were controlled demolitioned, there would be no evidentary data to inspect other than a crater.

I think 911 truth should keep pushing the key forensic evidence and any other damning material until everyone knows what occurred. That will change the infowar battlefield a great deal.

Also, I think more should be said to highlight the fact that an organised effort is underway to disrupt the movement - that most of the debunkers are probably COINTELPRO type agents or paid stooges.

The idea that many of the top debunkers are truly independent defenders of the official fairy tale has an extremely low probability of being correct.

The next step after exposure, is to launch dynamic legal action, to begin prosecutions, and to make preparations for reprisals or counterattacks upon these actions.

I would recommend using loyal police and military to protect the investigation + make the whole process highly transparent. Everything should be on TV and information should be duplicated in other cities to guard against a staged (Bin Laden nuke?) attack upon the effort.