Tuesday, 23 February 2010

911 CRIME SCENE: the "Logic" of the Official Story vs Reason

By Spookypunkos

If we adhere to the "logic" demonstrated by the Official 911 Investigation it would follow that scientific evidence must always be twisted to fit a preconceived theory. Contradictory material that cannot be shaped to fit an existing theory must be ignored or unscientifically debunked(!). In practice what we see with the Official Investigation is a cooking of the books, a fraud, intended to bolster the singular claim that the 911 attacks were solely the result of Muslim extremists.

As we are taught from the plethora of TV shows dealing with forensic science, we must always base our theories on the unadulterated crime scene data, paying special attention to the scientific evidence over untested claims made by investigators, suspects or witnesses. One is not allowed to twist hard facts to fit a theory. If the scientific evidence does not agree with the prevailing claims (or the working hypothesis) then the working hypothesis must be revised or rejected. Evidence comes first.

The problem for the official 911 story, is that the forensic evidence from the WTC site provides proof showing that the Government account (or theory) cannot possibly be true.

Contrary to claims made by many uninformed or dishonest commentators, most 911 Truth advocates have based their skeptical views upon the scientific method as applied to the data we have from the WTC buildings. Indeed, the molten steel and the free fall collapse of Building 7 show these buildings MUST have been brought down using a combination of incendiaries and high explosive charges. This smoking gun evidence leaves us no choice but to conclude that the official "fire caused the collapses" story to be false. The fact that fragments of high tech explosive material were later found in multiple samples of the WTC dust removes all doubt about the case.

It is from this concrete basis of scientific fact that members of the 911 Truth Movement proceed. We KNOW 911 was an inside job because of the forensic proof associated with the WTC collapses- now we need to discover who was responsible.

The official theory, that the 911 attacks were solely the work of Middle Eastern extremists, does not match up to the material evidence found at the crime scene. It is time we had a real criminal investigation.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 23rd, 2010.]

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