Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Climategate: Smoking Gun at Darwin Zero

Yikes again, double yikes! What on earth justifies that adjustment? How can they do that? We have five different records covering Darwin from 1941 on. They all agree almost exactly. Why adjust them at all? They’ve just added a huge artificial totally imaginary trend to the last half of the raw data! Now it looks like the IPCC diagram in Figure 1, all right … but a six degree per century trend? And in the shape of a regular stepped pyramid climbing to heaven? What’s up with that?

Those, dear friends, are the clumsy fingerprints of someone messing with the data Egyptian style … they are indisputable evidence that the “homogenized” data has been changed to fit someone’s preconceptions about whether the earth is warming
Now, I want to be clear here. The blatantly bogus GHCN adjustment for this one station does NOT mean that the earth is not warming. It also does NOT mean that the three records (CRU, GISS, and GHCN) are generally wrong either. This may be an isolated incident, we don’t know. But every time the data gets revised and homogenized, the trends keep increasing. Now GISS does their own adjustments. However, as they keep telling us, they get the same answer as GHCN gets … which makes their numbers suspicious as well.

This is very good analysis showing problems with the adjusted climate data. Highly recommended.

(Thanks to Dan for the story!)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 16th, 2009.]


DJ said...

If the Darwin temps were changed to show an increase when there was obviously no need to, then where else has been changed? To those who follow this green-extremism, WAKE UP and stop focusing on 1 of the CLIMATEGATE e-mails talking about a "trick", there were thousands and they were all incriminating, the level of fraud is now obvious as the real science is finally been re-evaluated..

Keep up the great blog..

Thanks... Dan

SpookyPunkos said...

Thanks Dan !

This climategate thing looks to have all the workings of a giant money sapping scam.

The whole thing is disgraceful.

I'll keep on posting.