Monday, 30 November 2009

RECAP: 911 BREAKTHROUGH INFORMATION: Activist Kevin Ryan on the Prime Suspects in the WTC Mass Murders, Nanothermites, and How The Towers Were Rigged.

Alex Jones talks with Kevin Ryan about the latest research on the collapse of the WTC buildings showing that highly specialised nanothermites were used. Because very few people had access to this sort technology the list of suspects in the crime is short.

There is information here about the three way connection between the people with knowledge of these high tech incendiary explosives, those involved in the WTC fireproofing upgrades and those involved in the NIST investigations ... all the same people ... or at least many of the same. The interview reveals some prime suspects to the crime and how they may have carried out the demolition.

I would wager that a couple of highly protected Grand Juries could cause a lot of trouble for the perpetrators with the information aired here.

Part 1 (10:52)

Part 2 (10:56)

Part 3 (10:59)

Part 4 (8:22)

A must see/hear interview !!

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