Tuesday, 22 September 2009

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

By deliberately telling lies in order to start the war in Iraq, Bush and his co-conspirators knew they would be sending many US servicemen and women to unnecessary deaths. Hence the Murder charge. With the evidence currently available in the public domain a criminal trial could be immediately launched.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, Spetember 22nd, 2009.]


Arild Warud said...

Let's get the bastad(s)

SpookyOne said...

The prima facie case against those responsible for the war is about as good as it gets. All it would need is a courageous D.A. and any jury would convict !

I know that, politically, this is a difficult proposition, but it's not impossible.

Unknown said...

So much for more than four thousand U.S. military deaths, but how about well over four hundred thousand Iraqis indiscriminately slaughtered? A mere murder charge is inadequate; Bush and his miserable lackeys should stand trial before an International War Crimes Tribunal. Compared to Bush's and his minions Milosevitch and Co. were minor criminals.

Anonymous said...

It's about time SOMEONE put (ex)President Bush in his place! He's gotten away with TOO MUCH!

Unknown said...

To h(** with the political fallout; Bush and Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld, and all the rest of their lackeys are guilty as sin. Cheney thinks no one is willing to prosecute; that's why he's running around the country admitting the truth (but not the 9/11 part). Someone commented on another site that Khadafy is having a hard time finding lodging in the New York area, but Dallas is still harboring Bush. I'd like to see that swagger in prison stripes! Time for some justice.

Carolina Nickel said...

Sadly its going to take the ICC or a Court in Spain or elsewhere to bring a court to judge them.

I think that court will be the World Court of Daniel 7.

There is a man with hair like wool on this planet today.

What will it take to get him to take his sit?