Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Short Letter to the Media about 911- Please write your own, or Copy this One !

Dear Editor,

The forensic evidence clearly shows that 911 was an inside job. Without 911 we would have no War on Terror and a lot less homegrown fanatics engaged in acts of domestic sabotage. By exposing the truth about this crime we can end the War and restore some semblance of normality to the world.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about 911, the evidence of the inside job is proven beyond any doubt. The proof is apparent since we can demonstrate that the three "collapsed" World Trade Centre (WTC) buildings WERE demolished via the use of explosives. Objective thinkers will recognise the clear scientific evidence of this truth:

There is overwhelming evidence indicating that the incendiary/explosive THERMITE was at work on the WTC buildings on 911. We have the iron spheres found all throughout the dust that show a thermite reaction, we have slag from WTC steel that tests positive for Thermite, we have the red/grey chips revealing a thermitic compound that is not in any way reconcilable as "paint", plus we have the phenomena of molten steel that cannot be explained away except as being the result of a chemical incendiary process (thermitic). We also have the physics defying freefall collapse of the 47 storey World Trade Centre 7 building and the obliteration of the Twin Towers by what can only be described as explosive forces. Moreover, we have numerous reports of huge explosions in all three demolished buildings- explosions that were well away from any areas of fire and aircraft damage.

Whether you ASSUME that demolishing the towers was impossible or not, the evidence is there.

For those that still cling to the idea that rigging the buildings could not have been done we find that there was ample opportunity to do so. We know that the WTC security had been compromised and that the Towers had subsequently undergone months of elevator and fireproofing "upgrades". More detailed information is available at the website of the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

The problem we face at present is the fact that the mainstream media is either bought or missing-in-action when it comes to dealing with sophisticated and controversial issues such as this one. In a nutshell, the media has failed to blow the whistle on the crime and alert the public. This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

The world CAN change for the better if EVERYONE is informed about the facts of this crime. We simply need the truth to become common knowledge so that the War on Terror can be ended and Justice served.



ps. Dear Readers there's still time to get your letters (possibly) published in the papers ! Write now !

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