Saturday, 19 September 2009

Revolutionary Discovery Means World May Not Run Out of Crude

A team of scientists based at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have made a "revolutionary" discovery about how hydrocarbon is formed, learning that animal and plant fossils are not necessary to form crude oil.

The discovery, the scientists say, means that the world will never run out of crude oil. Currently, theory states that crude oil is formed very slowly - over millions of years - from the remains of dead plants and animals. Buried under rock, over time the pressure and temperature of natural earth processes results in the creation of crude oil. But that theory is now old news, as the scientists, led by Vladimir Kutcherov, say they have proven that fossilized plants and animals are not needed to create hydrocarbons.

“Using our research we can even say where oil could be found in Sweden,”

You can expect the oil corporations will want to keep a lid on this information. The idea that we are running out of crude oil has kept prices high.

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steven andresen said...


I am not sure there is any consensus about the 'abiotic' theory of oil creation.

I think the question, though, is, if we grant that it is true, how fast does it work. We could be sucking all the oil the planet has made in the last billion years, leaving a process that makes new oil without dinasaurs, but at such a slow rate we could not with it keep up with our demand.

As far as I understand, the process works deep down in the planet using pressure and heat, or whatever. There may be no way to reproduce it in a lab somewhere.

There are a lot of questions.

SpookyPunkos said...

Hi S !

Yes, I think there are still a lot of questions to be answered here !

However, I am assuming (rightly or wrongly), based on this research, that an abiotic process will result in more areas of oil existing around the world than previously thought and at greater depths.

I think the abiotic oil scientists have looked into this question and theorised that there should be more oil out there. (They could be wrong too !)

It's interesting research that also means we can possibly create our own petro-chemicals from more basic elements.

The big question is, how much energy would we need to create more oil ? Would we need to burn more oil overall in order to make new oil ?

My answer here is that we will still need to get off burning oil for generating power. (+ I don't like smog either !) I see the oil being used only for jet aircraft and maybe some older cars.

In the future, maybe a long time from now, after the oil corporations have been "restrained", the primary source of power for many things will come from renewable energy: solar, wind, etc.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment !