Sunday, 13 September 2009

New US Spy Report Verifies Iran Stance

US spy agencies have recently concluded that Iran has deliberately not taken the critical steps to make a bomb, despite having produced enough nuclear fuel.

American intelligence agencies reached the conclusion in a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) update they presented to US President Barack Obama in recent months, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

The original 140-page NIE report, which was given to former president George W. Bush in 2007, had clarified that Iran was not pursuing a nuclear weapon program at the time.

The new intelligence information collected by the Obama administration once again confirmed the original reports’ findings by asserting that there was no convincing evidence to prove Iran’s nuclear work was in any way military.

Despite all the rhetoric and mumbo jumbo we have heard in the press, Iran is not a threat to the West. They are not developing nuclear weapons. Unfortunately there is always the chance we will see a new false flag terror attack designed to indicate the opposite (911 truth will put an end to these games !).

Troubling clues for a new staged attack include:

1. The recent hours long shutdown of Twitter and Facebook (denial of communications).
2. The past severing of undersea communications cables that isolated Iran, among other countries.
3. The continual vilification of Iran by mainly US and Israeli officials- with the disproven claim by the Iranian President that Iran would like to "wipe Israel off the map"(wrong!) and further claims that Iran has been supporting the Iraqi insurgency or funding groups Hezbollah.
4. The declaration of Israel to act unilaterally to bomb Iran if no one else will.

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