Tuesday, 15 September 2009

CIA-Linked Intel Center Releases Highly Suspicious Bin Laden Tape

The shadowy figure of Osama Bin Laden has popped up once again out of nowhere and right on time to re-energize the war in Afghanistan at the most politically opportune moment for the White House, strengthening deeply held suspicions that the terror leader has been dead for years and is merely being artificially resurrected as a sock puppet to rescue a failing geopolitical agenda.

Sky News reports today that in an audio tape, Bin Laden insists that Barack Obama is “powerless” to halt the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is an odd statement to make in light of the fact that Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan and only overseen a mirage of a withdrawal in Iraq.

This latest tape arrives on the back of the deadliest month ever for U.S. forces since the September 2001 invasion. According to CNN, the August death toll of 46 U.S. troops was the highest monthly toll of the eight year conflict.

Recent public opinion polls also show that “opposition to the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time high” on the back of an obviously rigged election that returned U.S. puppet President Hamid Karzai to power.

President Obama has come under increasing pressure as his hollow promise of “change” evaporates and the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan are rapidly expanded beyond anything the Bush administration even attempted. Cue the entrance of Bin Laden to provide the perfect justification for increasing the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and enabling the White House to dismiss critics as Al-Qaeda sympathizers.


Bin Laden has been dead for years. Any tape of this guy post 2001 is faked, including the "fat Bin Laden" confession video.

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