Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy

Although the quality of this video is poor, the content is very interesting indeed. It's all about the long running influence of corporations in our modern society. The corporate leaders really don't care whether our nations are plunged into war or not- so long as deals can be made, influence gained, it doesn't matter.

There is now an "invisible" Government running things behind the scenes more so than ever before. The US political system (including the media) is theatre for the masses. The goals of US foreign and domestic policy favour the aims of the corporations and the power elite. Consider Iraq; almost the entire war was mapped out beforehand with the idea of rewarding private US companies with taxpayer money (ie Haliburton, various oil interests, Blackwater et al). Iraq was never a real threat until made to look so by members of the Bush Administration who falsified information to Congress indicating there was an "imminent threat" from Saddam Hussein.

It is because of such a corrupted system that attacks like 911 can be engineered to happen. Unless the masses stand up, and expose the truth about what is really going on, then we will become victims once more. The first step in the process of undoing this corruption is to use the hard evidence that shows 911 was an inside job to open the corrupt can of worms.

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