Monday, 24 August 2009

Naomi Wolf: 'Obama can Lock Any US Citizen up Without Trial'

President Obama is following the same path as Bush but more subtly and with greater eloquence. Obama is simply a better puppet for a corrupt elite.

To complete the agenda, to increase control over the population, all that is needed is some drastic new threat, another 911 style terror attack, and Obama could then round up dissenters and impose martial law for "the safety and wellbeing" of the population. He may indeed say things like, "America has no choice but to fight now" [ie. reinstate the draft], that dissenters will be "locked up for their own good", that "everyone has to pitch in and help save America" etc etc. Check out the whole video. Wolf doesn't go to these extremes but she certainly is concerned about these sorts of outcomes and points to some very troubling realities about the present system.
A must see clip.

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