Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Israel Seized Cynthia McKinney, Government and Media did Nothing

McKinney has since been released, yet this story never made headlines in the mainstream press when it was most certainly newsworthy. The US mainstream media has an obvious bias when it comes criticism of a certain country in the Middle East.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, July 8th, 2009.]


steven andresen said...


Isn't the important issue with regard to Mckinney's story not being given airtime, and especially the 9-11 issues, to understand why the media does what it does?

Don't they, the mainstream guys, have the idea that America is special, that, to put it bluntly, our shit doesn't stink. And so, the suggestion that McKinney is a good person getting shafted by America's darlings does not seem to be consistent with their underlying understanding of things. And so, it is very easy for them to presume that there's something evil or stupid about McKinney that they just haven't discovered yet. So, they ignore the story.

It's like UFO enthusiasts. The mainstream knows there's something crazy about UFOs. But they just right now don't know what, so they don't give the UFO enthusiasts very much airtime at all, unless it's some 'human interest' story.

The problem for McKinney is that her efforts conly challenge the conclusions that the mainstream have made, i.e., that America is exceptional, that we are just bumblers with hearts of gold thinbg. The mainstream has seen no challenge to the underlying argument, whatever that is, that has established their understanding of everything American as essentially good.

SpookyPunkos said...

You are indicating that the US media might think that the interests of Israel and the US are similar (we are the good guys) and that the McKinney incident is being ignored because it doesn't fit into this cheesy view of things ?

Like your example about the mainstream view with UFOs being crazy and that anything outside a set mainstream news view of this sort must, a priori, be viewed with suspicion or ignored.

I think perhaps yes, this does come into it. However, even taking this into consideration I think that this event was buried for obvious political motives, beyond the "US and its allies can only do good" paradigm. It was not just McKinney on the boat but also journalists and they had medicine and supplies. The boat was a very soft and well-meaning "symbol of humanitarianism", and taking this into account the Israeli actions seemed very heavy handed by any measure.

I think you would agree that there are certain taboo subjects for the US media in terms of political rather than "cultural conditioning", and the questionable actions of the Israeli authorities are included on the political "don't go there" list.

Yes, the mainstream media has washed over the whole issue here, but I don't know whether the mainstream media was blinded by their rose coloured glasses, or whether there was greater politics involved. I suspect the latter more than the former !