Friday, 29 May 2009

TRUTH, LIES AND INTELLIGENCE - Amazing 2005 Mainstream Documentary on the Deliberate Lies that led to the Iraq War (Promo)

Truth, Lies, and Intelligence is a powerful, hard-hitting documentary chronicling the intelligence fraud and the devastating chain of events culminating in the invasion of Iraq led by America, Australia and Britain, chronicling the inside journey from 9/ll to the bombing of Baghdad. After scores of interviews with senior intelligence analysts, Iraqi refugees, Arab leaders, insurgent bombers and ordinary citizens can there only be one conclusion? That the devastating chain of events culminating in the invasion, conquest and occupation of Iraq was a war based on a litany of lies and intelligence fraud.

In 2005 this damning documentary aired on Australian mainstream television providing the viewers with an accurate account of the politically driven lies that led to the Iraq War. Although the program wrongly assumed that 911 was the work of Arabs the show correctly pointed out that there was no justifiable reason to attack Iraq.

Unfortunately the lessons from this documentary have been lost. All the current mainstream news items dealing with the WMD intelligence refer to White House spin- favouring the term "intelligence failures" or "mistakes" rather than correctly pointing out that the war was sold on DELIBERATE LIES.

The avoidance of the truth here is not surprising since launching an aggressive War on false pretenses amounts to a War Crime, under the Geneva Conventions. Any mainstream news agency drawing attention to this fact, especially in the USA, Britain or Australia would invite prosecution of members of their own governments.

Since our mainstream press is reluctant to see justice served then, as usual, it is up to the online community to promote the truth. I will keep posting so that the public is given the opportunity to wake up to what's been going on !

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steven andresen said...


I wonder if you saw this?


SpookyPunkos said...


wow !

I missed that one. It's a good reminder that the group that carried out 911 was relatively small. When enough momentum is built we might find many allies joining the fight to weed out the traitors who were involved in the attacks.

This article also reminds me of the story about some Army General(s) who were sacked abruptly during the Bush Administration. There was speculation that they were planning on removing Bush et al.

I will post that article (with credit to yourself) !

Thanks !