Monday, 25 May 2009

Columbia Space Shuttle Investigation Cost $175 Million. Challenger Investigation Cost $100 Million. 9/11 Investigation Only Got $15 Million

Want to Know has a great new summary of the Commission's scandalously inadequate budget:

The 9/11 commission was originally allotted only $3 million. Eventually, after much begging and haggling, the commission was given $15 million. Yet a CNN article lists the cost of the Lewinsky investigation at $30 million. A Los Angeles Times article states the cost of the Columbia space shuttle disaster investigation was $175 million.

How could 9/11 – the greatest disaster in American history – be given such a small budget for investigation?

[Remember, the Commissioners stated that government did everything it could to cover up and obstruct their investigation ...]

The actions of the US Government in the aftermath of the 911 attack mimic that of a body that was guilty of the crime, or of a body guilty of extreme negligence in relation to that crime. The forensic evidence has revealed the former position to be correct

Action must be taken to arrest and interview key individuals in command of the US government and air defences on 911. There is a strong evidence trail that can, and must, be followed so that the victims of the 911 crime can see some justice and the War on Terror ended.

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