Friday, 27 March 2009

Turley: Cheney War Crimes Probe would be 'Shortest in History'

If Obama would step out of the way and allow prosecutors to look at evidence of alleged Bush administration war crimes, "it would be the shortest investigation in history," Turley said on a Monday episode of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show.

President Obama, appearing Sunday on the CBS news program, said the former vice president's policies on the treatment of prisoners captured in President Bush's terror war are "unsustainable" and had caused "incredible damage to our image and position in the world."

"The reason Obama seems very irritated by it is that he is responsible for the conversation," said Turley, a constitutional scholar and George Washington University professor. "Because he's the one that is blocking a criminal investigation of Vice President Cheney and President Bush and other Bush officials. It is like a bank robber calling up and asking him to debate bank robbery."

It was only Dec. 15 when the former vice president admitted he approved the interrogation tactics which many, including the international Red Cross, have called torture.

It's very obvious that crimes of torture were committed here and that the Obama Administration is doing nothing to uphold US and International Law. It would be a relatively simple matter to act in this instance yet nothing is done.

The facts show that Obama is not a progressive politician but an establishment lackey. The only way things will really change is for people to start writing their Congressional Representatives and campaign in the streets. Don't let them get away with anything !

Call Obama's bluff and expose him - force him to act !

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