Monday, 26 January 2009

Who Really Pulled Off 911?

Part 1 (9:17)

Part 2 (9:30)

We already have the forensic evidence proving the World Trade Centre buildings were demolished using explosives, now the question to be asked is who were the perpetrators of the crime ? Here we can see the hand of a corrupt network comprising politicans, corporate heads, sections of the military and intelligence agencies. A small group with money and power enough to make such an operation reality.

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steven andresen said...


This video is supposed to be about the underlying politics of 9-11. What I saw were various claims made about there being intelligence agency involvement in the attacks.

What is the politics about this?

I argued before that FDR suckered the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor in order to get a strongly pacifist America into supporting a war against Germany and Japan. You argued, as I remember, that 9-11 and this account of Pearl Harbor have nothing to do with one another because whereas Germany and Japan were a threat to the U.S. the Islamic world does not pose any kind of threat to us at all. I was trying in making my argument to suggest the underlying politics of Pearl Harbor. You argued that 9-11 is nothing of that sort.

So, you seem to have an idea of what the politics must be as you can refute my suggestion as wrong. So, is it something else?

As I remember, and I could be wrong, you have suggested the politics is just about greed. Bush and his co-conspirators are greedy and they wanted to cause a scene in order to get the U.S. to smash up Iraq, and so forth, so they could steal more.

Whether or not that is your suggestion I do not think greed can explain this. I would argue that there has to be more to it. The Congress and the American people seem quite willing to invade other countries for very little reason, and could have been persuaded to invade and destroy Iraq given a whole lot less justification.

Why go through all this effort when the USS Cole could have been an adequate fabrication? or some airliner shot down...

The other question I have has to do with just who is involved. The argument in the video is that there are 16 or 27 intelligence agencies in the U.S. and the Mossad, and German intelligence, and maybe there's also Turkish, and so forth involved. Wouldn't there have to be some limit? And wouldn't the people not in the loop at some point be suspicious of and react against the people who were in the loop?

And just which politicos would be allowed in this project? Could Bush himself be trusted to have anything personally to do with it? I would think he's be a puppet or figurehead who could not be given any information. There are saucers and aliens in 59 which he might be told about, but nothing about this.

I am not sure about the politicos. I suspect that they are there because someone has something on them. There's something in their past. There's some kid that they don't want hurt. Something. And that would prevent the politicos, or any of the intelligence operatives from squeeling.

If you are right about 9-11, isn't this the way it has to be?

SpookyPunkos said...

Although the title of the whole treatment is "The Underlying Politics of 911" this short segment points to those people involved in setting up the overall operation, with a focus on the hijackers- these individuals highlight the involvement of the intel agencies.

The short segment here dealt with "Who Really Pulled Off 911" rather than the entire politics. The clip would have been part of a broader picture, so try not to expect it to go into the politics- it has been taken from a larger work.

As for the politics of 911, I think more than greed, it's about power and control. Many domestic actions were also taken- The PATRIOT ACT for instance. The primary set up here, for 911 being the work of foreigners, was done to facilitate stategic moves for destroying/controlling the Middle East. The primary reason being to help with the long term security of Israel. After all, look at those involved in the Bush Administration and their ties to that country. I recommend you watch the video link on my information column "Why there is a War in Iraq".

The fact that Congress and the people went along with the war is complex. The Congress is very corrupted, and like the people, exposed to biased information. I don't agree that they could have "convinced" the public about invading Iraq without there being a very serious false "threat" ie the "smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud." The war on Terror was just the ticket.

I think staging the shoot down of an airliner, or an attack on a US ship would only go so far. These things have happened before, and not elicited a whole lot of motivation in order to wage a War on Terror. These things coud be and were seen as criminal acts, rather than a "Terrorist act of War". 911 was drama of the highest calibre, designed for a world wide TV audience, and aimed at revolutionising the status quo. We got the Bush doctorine of pre-emptive war among other things.

As for the large number of intel agencies involved. Not all of them would have known what was going on, or what game was being played. They all get up to no good. After the fact (911) almost no one would be willing to talk about what happened. However, some information has come to light- hence the material appearing in the film.

And think about the Bush family. It's a crime family. These people are not just "politicos." George W is a bit of a dope, but he's involved here with other crime families/corporate/intel groups involved from the top. I dunno how much he knew about the actual set up but I think he knew something. The man looked very guilty while reading that goat book.

In general, many other "politicos" have got to their positions through corrupt dealings/influence at one point in time. Blackmail can be a strong factor in restaining many who might want to speak out or hold legitimate investigations.

Finally with regard to this politics, those directly involved with the 911 crime will want to keep quiet. Talk too much and you end up as an accident or suicide victim. Organising murder is not a problem for these people- the only problem to be considered is getting caught. I believe it's a diferent culture we are talkng about here, a crime family type culture but set within a much harsher and elitist paradigm.