Friday, 23 January 2009

UN Nuclear Watchdog to Investigate if Israel used Ammunition Containing Depleted Uranium on Gaza.

The UN nuclear watchdog said Wednesday it would investigate if Israel had used ammunition containing depleted uranium during its 22-day military offensive on Gaza.

Arab countries accused Israel of using depleted uranium in a letter addressed to Director General Mohammed ElBaradei and delivered by the Saudi Arabian ambassador on Monday.
Depleted uranium is a waste product of uranium enrichment and has a number of civilian and military applications, including its use in weapons to penetrate tanks and armour plating.

Investigations have been carried out into its use in ammunition in conflicts such as the 1991 Gulf War and 1994-95 NATO air strikes in the Balkans.

Depleted uranium could pose a serious health risk, affecting the normal functioning of the kidney, brain, liver, heart, and may also cause cancer.

DU munitions have also been used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan by the US military. These rounds are toxic with their effects lingering for thousands of years. Basically, DU munitions cause radiological contamination. Yet the armed forces of various nations here have been recklessly firing of hundreds, and in the case of Iraq- thousands, of rounds of this ammunition rendering the combat areas no go zones for anyone with an ounce of common sense. For the people that continue to live there to long term effects will be devastating.

Using weapons that cause cancers and genetic damage is in violation of the Geneva Conventions. We need to see prosecutions for the use of these weapons immediately !

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Roger Helbig said...

Maybe your readers would like to learn - if so, they will find that similar claims in 2006 were thoroughly investigated and proven bogus - I suspect that most of what you post on depleted uranium is bogus - you probably do not know that you have Uranium 238 in your body right now, have had since birth and will until the day you die - U238 is "depleted uranium" - here is the UNEP link to the extensive report on Lebanon,
Lebanon Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment, January 2007 -- to learn more about depleted uranium, go to or to Message 88 at DUStory in Yahoo Groups -

SpookyPunkos said...

Nice story Roger.

If DU is so harmless then what is the point of the 1996 US Army Hazard Awareness video that treats DU very very seriously.

According to the US army DU also contains small amounts of Uranium 235, which I believe is not so "good".

According to the US army it's not a good idea to inhale DU dust as they consider the material to be a toxic heavy metal.

According to the US army DU particles are radioactive.

According to the US army DU dust can be inhaled and particles can enter the body orally if one does not wash one's hands after exposure.

If you like, you can see the training video here:

I suspect that despite your claims, and the report from the UN, there is a huge problem with DU contamination.

What you are implying, that there is nothing to be concerned about with regards to DU, seems to be the thing that is bogus.

If you think DU is so harmless I suggest you and your fellow propagandists camp out for a few days at a firing range where DU has been used. Especially camp around any hardened targets that have been hit.

Good luck.