Thursday, 11 September 2008

Why the 911 False Flag Operation Has Failed.

The staged attack against the World Trade Centre Buildings was a failure. The reason is simple: there is obvious physical evidence proving that pre-positioned explosives brought down the buildings. The aircraft strikes and subsequent fires did not bring down these structures. Most critically, to the detriment of the official tale, one only requires a basic level of scientific knowledge in order to understand the hard evidence backing this contention.

The main obstacle to overcome here is a psychological one. Understandably most people carry an aversion to such confronting information and often go out on a limb in order to deny the clear material evidence at hand. However, this sort of thinking requires one to maintain a facade that is illogical and not sustainable in the face of the evidence. This is why we see so many scientists and academics, people who should be very skeptical of any grand conspiracy claims, coming to the realisation that the 911 attacks HAD to have involved inside help. As soon as these individuals understand the evidence there is no denying what has occurred.

Although there are many past examples of corrupt actions undertaken by members of the US government 911 is different in the scope of its emotional impact and the extent it has changed world perspectives with regard to the rule of Law. Thankfully because its impact is so great many people, who would otherwise care little about government corruption, have taken a firm interest in examining the facts.

In the case of 911 the FORENSIC EVIDENCE proving the inside job is so strong it's impossible to hide. As a consequence we now have thousands of educated people, from all over the world, who are aware of the 911 deception. Those involved in the crime and cover-up act as if they can ridicule/obfuscate themselves out of trouble but they miscalculate. In the past, in other circumstances, maybe they could- but not this time. This time they have overstepped the mark and face a mountain of unimpeachable evidence proving the September 11 mass murders were the result of inside help.

Despite the best efforts of a hostile and largely uninformed mainstream press, there still exists easy Internet access to the scientific evidence showing that 911 could ONLY have occurred thanks to the work of insiders. The Sooner or later EVERYONE will come to realise what happened on 911 and action will be taken to rectify the current situation. The perpetrators of these attacks will not get away with their crime ...

(To all 911 Truth Activists: Push the SIMPLE and straightforward forensic evidence uncovered at the World Trade Centre site of the Molten Steel and Thermate explosive signature which comprise the core scientific proof of the inside job. There is no way to reasonably counter this material.)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, September 11th, 2008.]

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