Thursday, 14 August 2008

Is the Search for Bigfoot Over? [HOAX]

The search for Bigfoot is over, according to two US hunters who say they have found the body of the hairy ape-like creature and will back their claims up at a press conference tomorrow.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer say they discovered the body in a forest in northern Georgia, a south-east US state, about two weeks ago.

The pair, who reportedly operate a Bigfoot tracking business, will present "DNA evidence and photo evidence of the creature" at a press conference in California tomorrow.

Photos already released on the internet show a large ape-like animal crammed into a freezer, where it was being preserved.

The poor photos at the link are a bit suspicious. You would think they could have released a few better shots with the remains laid out properly. There are 3 options here: it's either a hoax, they are mistaken in terms of what they have, or it's real.

UPDATE: The two men who claim to have found Bigfoot have admitted to filming a hoax video with a fake scientist, but they still claim they have a real Bigfoot corpse in the freezer and will reveal all at a press conference.

HOAX- FINAL UPDATE: "They told a lame, implausible story about how they found the body, but then did NOT show the body at all, but instead showed MORE fake photos (and not even large blow-ups of the fake photos), and some DNA results which proved that they do not have a bigfoot corpse.

That's what happened on Friday, August 15, in Palo Alto, California. It was a high profile hoax/scam by a desperate, nearly broke, career con-man, and his new corrupt cop business partner ..."

(thanks to Jason for the link & Simon for analysis)

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