Wednesday, 13 August 2008

'Anthrax Killer' Remains a Mystery: FBI's Accusations Against Dead Scientist Ivins is Full of Holes. The Case may be Closed but it isn't Solved

Case closed. The FBI has found the "Anthrax Killer" – and he acted alone. And now that he's committed suicide, just at the moment the Feds were about to finally snare the diabolical menace who arguably brought utter chaos in days following the September 11 attacks when he'd sent deadly letters to Democratic officials and members of the media, his guilt couldn't be clearer.

Then again, you may have also believed that whole "Mission Accomplished" thing.
The trouble began to reveal itself on the Friday, the same day Ivins' death was first reported, when experts in the field of bio-terror research noted one simple point: Ivins, the FBI's latest supposed "Anthrax Killer" (they had just settled a lawsuit with their last one, Steven Hatfill, in June, to the tune of $4.6m dollars) had "no access to dry, powdered anthrax" at the Fort Detrick facility.

The FBI is looking for a scapegoat, whereas they should be investigating this man.

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