Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who Knows What Happened on 9/11?

Our willingness to entertain conspiracy theories is doubtless influenced by our life experiences. A man in his 20s with time on his hands is more likely to be drawn to the wilderness of mirrors that surrounds that death of John Kennedy than a successful columnist in his 30s.

But this is beside the point. Wide-ranging conspiracies do take place, whether we are inclined to believe that they do or not. It might well be consoling to believe that the CIA plots the overthrow of unhelpful foreign regimes. But it is also true. To insist that, say, the CIA had nothing to do with the fall of Guatemalan leader Jacobo Arbenz in 1954, or the overthrow of Chile's Salvador Allende in 1973 might feel terrifically sensible and sane -- we can't always be seeing the hidden hand of the CIA, there's no call for reductionism. It is also, you know, wrong.
In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq the White House made every effort to link Saddam Hussein to al-Qaida. Far from being a production of what commentators like to call the tinfoil hat brigade, this particular paranoid fantasy emerged from the work of a highly focused and skilled group of people.

They worked in secret to manipulate the American and the global public and we can trace the impact of the efforts over time. So here is a (true) conspiracy to promote a (false) conspiracy theory. The White House's psy-war operatives were doubtless a professional and measured lot. I am sure that they knew how to behave in socially appropriate ways and enjoyed their work. They also helped pave the way for an illegal war in which more than half a million people have died. There's a 9/11 conspiracy theory hard at work, right there. It doesn't matter what sort of person you are, whether you are coolly rational or groping around for meaning in an indifferent world, America's spooks conspired to stampede the public into war on a false prospectus.

The lesson here is that people comprising the Bush Administration (or any Administration) are not as stupid and incompetent as many people think. Furthermore, these individuals tend to follow narrow minded agendas that although "successful" in the short term, often have longer term outcomes that are worse than predected. These are not stupid people (although Mr Bush, the puppet head, might be described as such).

US military planners are not incompetent either. The attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were very successful despite the long term occupation of both countries being neglected.

Keeping this in mind, any plans to destroy buildings in New York and at the Pentagon -a short term operation- would be well within the capabilities of such individuals or their associates. Disabling NORAD air defences is also a simple matter especially if one or two corrupt individuals are in command of the Air Force. The "trick" is to order terror training exercises on the same day as cover for the real attack and move air defence fighters north of the target areas- exactly as happened.

Although fairly complex, as a military style operation, run by people on the inside, 911 was certainly very achievable. Subsequent material evidence has proven this to be true.

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