Saturday, 19 July 2008

New York Times Op-Ed: Israel Will Attack Iran

Yes, you read my title correctly. Today's New York Times includes an op-ed piece by Benny Morris, a Professor of Middle Eastern history at Ben Gurion University. He claims Israel will most certainly attack Iran within the next 4 to 7 months, and if conventional weapons are unsuccessful to knock out Iran's nuclear program, than Israel will escalate to the use of nuclear weapons.

Okay, no one likes to be bullied or blackmailed into doing anything, but if the Iranian leadership does nothing to appease the warmongers in Washington and Israel they will very likely face some form of strike on their nuclear facilities. If the attacks use bunker buster type Depleted Uranium bombs then they'll find the areas hit with these weapons contaminated with radiological material- just as Iraq has been contaminated.

If nuclear weapons are used then the results will be even more horrendous.

Sometimes, very rarely, it is a good idea to totally back down rather than fix for a fight. The best thing the Iranians can do at the present time is to call their friends in Russia and dismantle their entire nuclear program. With psychotic enemies at your heals it is sometimes better to wait out the danger.

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