Sunday, 27 July 2008

Karl Rove Threatened GOP I.T.Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney

Karl Rove has threatened a GOP high-tech guru and his wife, if he does not "'take the fall' for election fraud in Ohio," according to a letter sent this morning to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, by Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck.

The email, posted in full below, details threats against Mike Connell of the Republican firm New Media Communications, which describes itself on its website as "a powerhouse in the field of Republican website development and Internet services" and having "played a strategic role in helping the GOP expand its technological supremacy."

There is strong evidence showing that the 2004 Elections were fraudulent. Here, it seems, those involved in the rigging, are fighting to avoid being charged- notably Mr Karl Rove.

Without the Election Rigging, Bush would have lost the 2004 Election. Without a more transparent system the chances of voter fraud playing a role in the 2008 election are guaranteed.

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