Friday, 11 July 2008

The Iraq War was a Huge Success- If you think like a Neocon.

If you are a US neoconservative politician you would likely be congratulating yourself over the success of the War in Iraq. After all the Bush Administration "successfully achieved":

*Regime Change.
*Fundamentally weakened an influential Regional power in the oil rich Middle East.
*Stopped Iraq from selling its oil in Euros- an action that would have undermined the already weak US dollar.
*Established a strategic position in the heart of the Middle East.

The fact that these individuals lied on order to have this war of conquest is incidental to their way of thinking.

For these strategic-minded megalomaniacs, including various individuals in the Pentagon, the cost in lives is relatively unimportant with regard to the goals. It's all about power and control - the big picture. The only problem is that this big picture favours the advancement of US corporate and political interests at the expense of everyone else.

US leaders will do almost anything to gain further advantage over the rest of the world in an effort to prop up their bloated, bankrupt and corrupt economic and political system.

US corruption, led by the corporate/military-industrial complex is the route cause of so many problems troubling the world. Even the current economic crisis is largely due to the greed inspired lessening of US lending regulations (thanks to bank lobbying) coupled with the position taken by Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan to keep US interest rates artificially low in order to inflate the sagging US economy.

A corrupt system can only last so long until the situation gets so bad that the economy collapses. Too much greed and too little wisdom will ensure some level of sanity returns- although not until the average person in the street has suffered greatly.

In defence of the average citizen our leaders, in whatever position, MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions- especially if such actions are contrary to the public trust and LAW.

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