Friday, 6 June 2008

(NBC) Tom Brokaw's Disturbing Defense of the Media and Iraq

By Greg Mitchell

In the wake of the revelations in Scott McClellan's new book, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw offers Exhibit A in the continuing denial by the media of their complicity in the catastrophe that is the Iraq war.

The mainstream media says they were suckered into believing the Iraq War was for the best. Regardless, they failed to report the evidence available that refuted the White House claims of the Iraqi WMD threat - and "overlooked" the lies that sold the war.

An alert media would have raised questions about the Bush Administration's claims on Iraq seeing as there were so many points of contention - especially with the lack of a UN (legal) agreement to go to war.

There is ample evidence to show that the corporate news agencies purposely ignored information that showed the war was being pushed on false premises - facts that the Knight Ridder News agency easily uncovered, and reported on, AT THE TIME.

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