Monday, 23 June 2008

Dollars, Oil and the Big Wipe Out

The first thing the US did when it invaded and took over Iraq was reverse Saddam Hussein's recently policy of demanding Euros in payment for his countries oil.

Some think that's what the war was all about and that Iran's insistence on receiving Euros for its oil is the real reason that country has been targeted.


According to the information relayed in the video, a sudden switch from using US dollars to Euros, for the purchase of oil, will result in the destruction of the US economy. This would not be a minor reversal of US fortunes but a massive hyper-inflationary disaster.

This scenario has certainly contributed to the invasion of Iraq and must be influencing the push for the upcoming attack on Iran.

Rather than going to war, the US needs to get its economic house in order, and accept that it will not be able to maintain its current level of hegemony over other nations.

To put an immediate stop to the imminent bombing of Iran the impeachment of Bush and Cheney needs to be enacted. Thus far the impeachment resolution, tabled by Congressman Kucinich, is tied up in a committee and may never see the light of day ...

Another option for stopping the war is for independent Judicial, Military or Law enforcement heads to act on the evidence already at hand- the illegal invasion of Iraq, authorising torture- and arrest the President, Vice President and co-conspirators.

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