Friday, 2 May 2008

Ron Paul Tops Amazon List at #1

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf Reports: Texas Congressman Ron Paul has "wound down" his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, although his supporters continue to make a showing at state conventions from Missouri to Nevada - even even causing a ruckus that required the Nevada convention to be temporarily shut down.

His fans also catapulted Paul's latest manifesto, released today and titled appropriately, The Revolution: A Manifesto, to number one on the Amazon bestseller list.

Congressman Paul is the only candidate that can break the corrupt system in Washington, provided he is given a chance.

Paul is still listed as a Presidential Candidate - you can vote for him in the primaries and his campaign is not completely "wound down." Moreover, it was not Ron Paul supporters that caused a "ruckus" in Nevada. It was McCain supporters that suspended the convention after it was clear they were losing. It would be nice if mainstream articles, such the one above, refrained from smears and distortions of fact in their reporting of Ron Paul news.

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