Saturday, 31 May 2008

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice Told The Truth About Iraq


This clip from John Pilger's documentary, Breaking the Silence, contains 2001 footage of Powell and Rice declaring that Iraq is not a threat.

Scott McClellan's recent claims that the Bush administration used propaganda to sell an unnecessary War in Iraq are true. Rice knew the truth and so did Powell.

Most importantly, ALL the "evidence" provided to justify the war was known to be false or highly suspect AT THE TIME. The only reports that got aired in the media were ones altered by the White House and their neocon supporters in the Pentagon.

Those individuals who knowingly lied in order to bring about the Iraq War are guilty of War Crimes.

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Friday, 30 May 2008

Iraq WMD Lies: The Words of Mass Deception

Dick Cheney
August 26, 2002:
Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.

George W. Bush
September 12, 2002:
Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons.

Donald Rumsfeld
March 30, 2003:
We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.
10 January 2004
Based on extensive interviews with both US investigators and Iraqi scientists, the Washington Post, which pursued an editorial policy in clear support of the war, found that Iraq not only did not possess any of the claimed weapons, but also lacked the material conditions to even create them. Its scientific institutions and factories had been thoroughly beaten down by 12 years of conflict, arms embargo and strangling economic sanctions, the Post found.

[I]nvestigators said they have discovered no work on former germ-warfare agents...that led US scientists on a highly classified hunt for several months... And they found the former nuclear weapons program, described as a grave and gathering danger by President Bush and a mortal threat by Vice President Cheney, in much the same shattered state left by UN inspectors in the 1990s, the Post reported.[1.]

This story is posted in light of the news that former White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, has come out in a new book saying that the Bush Administration used "propaganda" in order to sell the Iraq War to the American people - a war that he has concluded was completely unnecessary.

Launching an unprovoked war of aggression is a War Crime.

Independent sources have revealed that US neoconservatives and their supporters repeatedly lied in the lead up to the Iraq War:

A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The study concluded that the statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses."

What needs to happen next is a criminal investigation into the matter, with the immediate arrests of those who authorised the invasion of Iraq under knowingly false pretenses.

For futher information on these lies and many other issues, please visit

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CNN's Yellin: Network Execs killed Stories Critical of White House Iraq War Policy

On Wednesday night, CNN's Jessica Yellin talked to Anderson Cooper about Scott McClellan's tell-all memoir and agreed with the former press secretary that White House reporters "dropped the ball" during the run-up to war.

But Yellin went much further, revealing that news executives actively pushed her not do hard-hitting pieces on the Bush administration.

"The press corps was under enormous pressure from corporate executives, frankly, to make sure that this was a war presented in a way that was consistent with the patriotic fever in the nation and the president's high approval ratings," Yellin said.

Mike Rivero at makes a telling comment on this fact with regard to the current coverage of McClellan's book:

"This is why the networks are crapping their trousers over McClellan's new book. They cannot delink from the lies that tricked this nation into war. The blood of all the dead stains their own hands as much as it stains that of Bush and the Neocons and the US Congress."

Mainstream press stories will try to downplay the significance of McClellan's "revelations." Thus far the media has been covering for the illegal actions of the White House- portraying criticism of criminal activity as politically motivated "opinion."

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Thursday, 29 May 2008

US and European Debt Markets Flash New Warning Signals

The debt markets in the US and Europe have begun to flash warning signals yet again, raising fears that the global credit crisis could be entering another turbulent phase.
Willem Sels, a credit analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort, said the banks are beginning to face waves of defaults on credit cards, car loans, and now corporate loans. "We believe we're entering Phase II. The liquidity crisis has eased a little, but the real credit losses are accelerating. The worst is yet to come," he said.

The jump in corporate bankruptcies has not yet been picked up by the usual indicators, which tend to lag the market, lulling investors into a false sense of security. The true losses are already known to specialists in the business, said Mr Sels.

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European Parliament passes far Reaching DU Resolution in Landslide Vote

The resolution reflects an increasingly outspoken position from the European Parliament on the issue of uranium weapons. It begins with a call for EU member states to submit reports on DU to the UN Secretary General in line with last year's General Assembly resolution and classifies DU along with cluster bombs and landmines as inhumane. In response to the wealth of new information on DU's threat to health, it then requests that the European Council and Commission launch studies into areas where DU has been used.

It then calls for a halt to the deployment of military and civilian personnel in areas where DU has been used and urges member states to provide information on DU hazards to service personnel and civilian organisations.

The resolution goes on to request that an environmental inventory recording the use of uranium weapons is set up and that a financial mechanism is put in place for victim assistance in contaminated areas.

EU and NATO member states are finally urged to impose a moratorium on DU's use and to redouble efforts that may lead to a global ban.

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Hot Life-Forms Found a Mile Under Seafloor

Life-forms have been found thriving a mile (1.6 kilometers) beneath the seafloor in hot sediments, a new study says.

The finding doubles the maximum known depth for organisms under the ocean bottom—and may be an encouraging sign for the search for life on other planets.

At 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (60 to 100 degrees Celsius), the microscopic life forms are probably also the hottest life-forms yet found in seafloor sediments, according to study co-author R. John Parkes, a microbiologist at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.
The microbes appear to make their livings by metabolizing methane and other hydrocarbons created as the Earth's interior heat warms organic material in the sediments, Parkes said.

"That's what we think they're using as an energy source."

The organisms do not appear simply to have been dormant microbes trapped in the sediments, Parkes added, but instead appeared to be thriving.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bush 'plans Iran Air Strike by August'

The George W Bush administration plans to launch an air strike against Iran within the next two months, an informed source tells Asia Times Online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the United States recently.

Two key US senators briefed on the attack planned to go public with their opposition to the move, according to the source, but their projected New York Times op-ed piece has yet to appear.

The source, a retired US career diplomat and former assistant secretary of state still active in the foreign affairs community, speaking anonymously, said last week that that the US plans an air strike against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

There is no reason for the USA to bomb Iran other than to accomplish the goals of the neoconservatives which is to weaken the oil rich Nations of the Middle East.

Thus far they have knocked off Iraq, Afghanistan (an oil pipeline is set to run across that country) and are putting pressure on Syria in connection with targeting Iran.

Such madness can end if action is taken against the architects of these conflicts and arrests made for the crimes already committed.

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Military Officers Challenge the Official Account of September 11th

Twenty-five former U.S. military officers have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. They include former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Col. Ronald D. Ray, two former staff members of the Director of the National Security Agency; Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, and Major John M. Newman, PhD, and many others. They are among the rapidly growing number of military and intelligence service veterans, scientists, engineers, and architects challenging the government's story.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Economist Challenges US Government Data: Shadow Government Statistics

"There's something wrong with the numbers," said ShadowStats subscriber Harry Seitz, a retiree in Davie, Fla. "Over the years, (Williams) has essentially been proven correct."

By Williams' estimation, the government's calculation that unemployment was 5 percent in April and that inflation was 4 percent and economic growth 2 percent over the last year, is fantasy. It might even be disinformation.

An update e-mailed to ShadowStats subscribers at the beginning of the month warned darkly that "GDP (gross domestic product) and Jobs Data Appear Rigged" and "Despite Manipulated Data, the Recession Deepens."

By his reckoning, the economy shrank 2.5 percent in the year that ended in March, unemployment is really 13 percent and year-over-year inflation is 7.5 percent.

The article here tries to downplay Williams' work, but it is blatantly clear that the US unemployment and inflation rates are a LOT higher than reported (check out the comments section at the end).

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Rocketing Oil Price is a Bubble

Speculators are largely responsible for driving crude prices to their peaks in recent weeks and the record oil price now looks like a bubble, George Soros has warned.

The billionaire investor's comments came only days after the oil price soared to a record high of $135 a barrel amid speculation that crude could soon be catapulted towards the $200 mark.
However, Mr Soros warned that the oil bubble would not burst until both the US and Britain were in recession, after which prices could fall dramatically.

Meanwhile in Germany: "German leaders are to propose a worldwide ban on oil trading by speculators, blaming the latest spike in crude prices on manipulation by hedge funds." see link here for more details.

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Phoenix Probe Lands Safely on Mars

A small science probe blazed through the salmon-colored skies of Mars on Sunday, touching down on a frozen desert at the planet's north pole to search for water and assess conditions for sustaining life, NASA officials said.

The spacecraft, known as Phoenix, landed after a do-or-die plunge through the planet's thin atmosphere. It marked the first time that a spacecraft had successfully landed at one of the planet's polar regions.

One note. The colour pictures you see from such missions (see left) are false colour images. I don't know why, but NASA continues to publish pictures that obscure the BLUE sky of Mars, presenting the red/salmon sky as the accurate representation (see here for some background on the issue).

Without any doubt Mars has a blue sky in the same way that earth has a blue sky- light scattering due the molecules that make up the atmosphere. Although the atmosphere of Mars is thinner the effect is the same. It is only when there are dust storms that the sky should turn red.

What we are getting is not an accurate representation of the planet, although the pictures are nevertheless spectacular.

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Monday, 26 May 2008

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.- How the News Media Fails Us


The link from which this clip is taken makes a great observation:

"How often have you seen Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on mainstream TV news?
Not very often.
This video shows why."

Robert Kennedy Jr. is talking about the control of government policy and the US media by corporate America. There's no way comments like his would ever make it to air on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX or CBS.

Never forget that there are SERIOUS consequences to yourself, family and friends for being misinformed and for accepting a corrupt government (including Congress).

For those non-US readers, corruption in the US has far reaching effects. Many of us have news sourced from the States plus we often suffer from US foreign policy decisions. Seeking a level of justice, in terms of news media honesty for the citizens of the USA, will benefit everyone.

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The World According to Monsanto

The French documentary, called “The world according to Monsanto” and directed by independent filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, paints a grim picture of a company with a long track record of environmental crimes and health scandals.

The story starts in the White House, where Monsanto often got its way by exerting disproportionate influence over policymakers via the “revolving door”. One example is Michael Taylor, who worked for Monsanto as an attorney before being appointed as deputy commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1991. While at the FDA, the authority that deals with all US food approvals, Taylor made crucial decisions that led to the approval of GE foods and crops. Then he returned to Monsanto, becoming the company’s vice president for public policy.

A great deal more research needs to be done with regards to the effects of genetically modified foods. There are still many questions to be answered. If animal testing has shown there are anomalous side effects to such modifications then more investigation needs to be carried out. Check out the 3 minute video at the link.

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Shell CEO says Record Oil Not due to Shortage

Oil prices at a record high above $135 a barrel are rising due to market sentiment rather than a shortage of supply, Royal Dutch Shell's chief executive said on Thursday.

U.S. crude oil hit an all-time peak on Thursday, climbing to $135.09, lifted by concern about long-term supply and a host of predictions of further rises from influential investment banks and investors.

"What we say and what we see is there are no physical shortages," Shell's Jeroen van der Veer told Reuters television. He runs the world's second-largest fully publicly traded oil firm by market value.

"There are no tankers waiting in the Middle East, there are no cars waiting at gasoline stations because they are out of stock. This has to do with psychology in the markets and you cannot forecast psychology".

You can buy into commodities as an investment. At the moment, big money speculators have jacked up the price of oil in order to make a quick buck. The sentiment for these people is that oil is in short supply which means these traders are prepared to buy it at higher and higher amounts (when there is actually no problem with the supply of oil at present).

One thing is true - eventually the oil will run out so that we will require other technologies to run our cars, aircraft, ships etc etc.

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Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Worst is Ahead for Banks

JPMorgan Chase CEO James Dimon says banks will suffer more from the recession than from the subprime debacle itself.

Investment banks have written down tens of billions of dollar so far, but the worst is not behind us yet, Dimon says. Banks will be hit harder as the recession unfolds.

"The recession is just starting,” Dimon told an audience at the UBS AG financial services conference in New York.

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FBI files indict Bush, Cheney and Co. as War Criminals

The most stunning revelation in a 370-page Justice US Department Inspector General’s report released this week was that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had formally opened a “War Crimes” file, documenting torture they had witnessed at the Guantánamo Bay US prison camp, before being ordered by the administration to stop writing their reports.

The World Socialist Web Site, together with human rights groups and other opponents of US militarism and repression, has long insisted that the actions of the Bush administration—the launching of wars of aggression, assassinations, the abduction and detention of civilians without trial and, most repugnant of all, torture—constitute war crimes under any legitimate interpretation of longstanding international statutes and treaties.

To have this assessment confirmed, however, by the IG of the Justice Department, the only senior official there not answerable directly to the White House, and by agents of the FBI, an agency not known for its sensitivity to questions of democratic rights, is an indication of the rampant character of these crimes as well as the crisis they have engendered within the US government and America’s ruling elite as a whole.
Indeed, as ABC News revealed last month, top administration officials on the so-called Principals’ Committee—Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, CIA Director George Tenet, Attorney General John Ashcroft and National Security Council Adviser Condoleezza Rice—conducted detailed discussions on “enhanced interrogation techniques,” which, according to ABC, “were almost choreographed—down to the number of times CIA agents could use a specific tactic.”

Bush subsequently told ABC that he was “aware our national security team met on this issue. And I approved.”

The report establishes that FBI and Justice Department officials advised the White House National Security Council of their concern that the practices witnessed by the agents were “gravely damaging ... the rule of law” at Guantánamo.

In the end, however, they were told to back off, and they complied, thereby becoming accomplices in this criminality and its cover-up.

The revelations in the FBI report have provoked no significant protests or demands for action from the Democrats in Congress, or for that matter from the party’s presidential contenders, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, neither of whom have made torture an issue in their campaigns.

Investigate & make arrests now !

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Depleted Uranium Shells Used by U.S. Military Worse Than Nuclear Weapons

The use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions by the U.S. military may lead to a death toll far higher than that from the nuclear bombs dropped at the end of World War II.

DU is a waste product of uranium enrichment, containing approximately one-third the radioactive isotopes of naturally occurring uranium. Because of its high density, it is used in armor- or tank-piercing ammunition. It has been fired by the U.S. and British militaries in the two Iraq wars and in Afghanistan, as well as by NATO forces in Kosovo and the Israeli military in Lebanon and Palestine.

Inhaled or ingested DU particles are highly toxic, and DU has been classified as an illegal weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.

The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority has estimated that 50 tons of DU dust from the first Gulf War could lead to 500,000 cancer deaths by the year 2000. To date, a total of 2,000 tons have been generated in the Middle East.

In contrast, approximately 250,000 lives were claimed by the explosions and radiation released by the nuclear weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"More than ten times the amount of radiation released during atmospheric testing [of nuclear bombs] has been released from DU weaponry since 1991," said Leuren Moret, a U.S. nuclear scientist. "The genetic future of the Iraqi people, for the most part, is destroyed. The environment now is completely radioactive."

Because DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the Middle East will, for all practical purposes, be radioactive forever.

The use of Depleted Uranium Weapons is an absolute disgrace. D.U. weapons need to be banned immediately and those individuals who have authorised the use of these weapons need to be held accountable.

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Some Observations Against the 911 Incompetence Theory

In a thread I was reading recently, discussing the "black boxes" from Flight 77 (an issue that ultimately did not provide proof of anything), I noted a few valuable observations concerning the public perception of the attacks.

It was noted in the thread by "zmzmzm" that the widely believed Incompetence Theory explanation for the 911 attacks whitewashes many notable instances where there is very troubling "on the record" testimony that runs counter to the official story, such as:

... Arron Brown of CNN reporting the collapse of Building 7 while it was still standing.

Or - like Bush telling the town meetings in Florida and California that he "saw the first plane hit."

Or - like Rumsfeld saying: "the people who shot down the plane in Pennsylvania."

Or- like Rumsfeld saying: "the missile that hit the Pentagon."

Or - like Lee Hamilton and the Boyz saying that Cheney didn't arrive in the Bunker till about 10 despite Norman Minetta testifying that Cheney was in the bunker at 9:28.

He concludes that:

The "incompetence theory" is a stroke of genius - as it is a way to cavalierly dismiss any and all evidence while simultaneously stroking the ego of the pubic who can imagine themselves to be much smarter than those "incompetent" fools in power.

Coming to grips with the 911 evidence is primarily a psychological challenge. It has everything to do with overcoming one's ingrained assumptions and ego and very little to do with one's level of intelligence.

People who have managed to get past their strongly held beliefs will find a preponderance of evidence (supported by many scientists and engineers) showing clearly that 911 was "an Inside Job."

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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

American Financial Armageddon

Ladies and gentlemen, the crisis we have been warning you about is here. But it's far from over ...

-Housing industry experts now predict that this will be the greatest foreclosure crisis of all time, with millions of Americans defaulting on their mortgages.

-The International Monetary Fund now predicts that big banks and brokers will suffer nearly triple the huge losses they've already reported — total losses of close to one trillion dollars .

-U.S. government data now confirms that, with oil prices surging,inflation is about to burst onto the scene with gale force.

-And most worrisome of all, the Federal Reserve is responding to this crisis by pumping paper money into the economy with wild abandon, trashing the value of the U.S. dollar.

But there's a simple reason for the crisis we face today — a single disease that infects almost every aspect of our economic life: Debt in huge, almost unimaginable amounts.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Australian Mainstream News Online: Unanswered 9/11 Questions

The collapse of New York's World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001 is arguably one of the most well documented events in human history. Less well documented is the controversy over why the buildings fell as they did.

At the time of writing, 357 architectural and engineering professionals have signed a petition which directly challenges the National Institute of Standards & Training's official finding that the destruction of these massive buildings was caused solely by structural damage from the impact of jet airliners and the resulting fires.

The petition, demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation, states, in part:

"...the 9/11 investigation must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that may have been the actual cause behind the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and WTC Building 7."

This alarming statement is based on evidence from many sources, including observations of the structural behaviour of the towers as they collapsed, the known characteristics of steel framed buildings, eyewitness testimony of explosions, and research into the chemical composition of dust recovered from the collapse zone.

It's vitally important that the mainstream news presents the evidence showing that 911 was an inside job to the public. Eventually this information will force action to be taken against the real perpetrators of the crime and prevent further atrocities.

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European Central Bank Warns Of 'Very Significant Market Correction'

Fears of a sustained downturn in world economies was back on the agenda today after Jean Claude Trichet, the president of the European Central Bank, gave warning that the worst of the credit crunch has not passed and the economy was still heading for a "very significant market correction".

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Monday, 19 May 2008

US Plan to Frame Iran Stalled by Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki

The government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki refused to endorse US charges of Iranian involvement in arms smuggling to the Mahdi Army, and a plan to show off a huge collection of Iranian arms captured in and around Karbala had to be called off after it was discovered that none of the arms were of Iranian origin.
The official list of weapons captured in Karbala includes nine mortars, four antiaircraft missiles, 45, RPGs and 800 RPG missiles and 570 roadside explosive devices. The failure to find a single item of Iranian origin among these heavier weapons, despite the deeply entrenched Mahdi Army presence over many months, suggests that the dependence of the Mahdi Army on arms manufactured in Iran is actually quite insignificant.

Bush Administration officials and their supporters lied in order to have a war in Iraq and they have been lying in order to initiate a war with Iran.

One sure way of preventing further conflict is to arrest the architects of the first war.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Rumsfeld On Tape: Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-Con Agenda

Shocking excerpts of confidential recordings recently released under the Freedom of Information Act feature former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld talking with top military analysts about how a flagging Neo-Con political agenda could be successfully restored with the aid of another terrorist attack on America.

The tape also includes a conversation where Rumsfeld and the military analysts agree on the possible necessity of installing a brutal dictator in Iraq to oversee U.S. interests.

The evidence here shows that some top people in the Bush Administration think/thought that another 911 is not necessarily a bad thing.

By itself this is not proof of them doing anything, but it is a very interesting perspective to consider. It provides some motive for them allowing or conducting the first attacks and any subsequent terror attacks. Irrespective of these comments we all know "the first 911 attack" was an inside job.

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(thanks to Dan for the lead !)

The Mainstream Media Bias against Ron Paul

The mainstream media's coverage of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has been woeful to say the least. At almost every turn, especially in the Presidential Candidates debates, the media has taken to minimising Paul's message as well as could be achieved.

The outcome of such efforts was to minimise the numbers of people aware of his political goals and prevent an increase in his supporter base. After poor showings in the Primary Elections, thanks to vote fraud, many people lost faith that Paul actually had real support (other than in cyberspace). Thus the media manipulations combined with the rigged official vote counts became self fulfilling "prophecy."

The institution of US voter fraud, through electronic means, has effectively destroyed any hope of democracy in the USA. At present there is a desperate need for a nationwide effort to be undertaken to ensure a transparent electorial process in the US. The country is depending on each and every citizen to stand up an be counted !

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Friday, 16 May 2008

Bin Laden is Dead.

Bin Laden has been dead for years. Every video and audio tape from and including the "fat Bin Laden confession" onwards have been fakes. Bin Laden had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11 (see links below)

The 2001 Bin Laden Confession tape is a Fake.

The Real Bin Laden is Left Handed.

The Real Bin Laden Denied Involvement in the Attacks.

The 2004 Bin Laden Threat tape is a Fake.

Experts Agree: Bin Laden tapes are Fakes.

The Real Bin Laden Died in Late 2001 or Early 2002.

The 911 attacks were an Inside Job.

In the propaganda war Osama Bin Laden is a useful tool for keeping people quiet about the truth behind 911 and to limit dissent regarding the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Afterall, we are told that Bin Laden confessed to 911 and that we are fighting against fanatics who initiated the conflict.

Exposing the truth about the September 11 attacks will destroy this deception and end the costly wars in the Middle East. It is vitally important that we promote the facts and science proving that 911 was an Inside job.

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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Professor David Ray Griffin on Canadian Radio

In this radio interview Professor David Ray Griffin highlights many of the glaring contradictions contained in the 911 Commission Report as outlined in his new book 911 Contradictions.

As Griffin points out, at the opening of this discussion, his new book has nothing to do with conspiracy "theory." All the contradictions his book focuses on are based on facts related directly to the official 911 Commission investigation.
From this interview one can clearly see that key aspects of the official 911 narrative are totally unsubstantiated.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

C.S.I. - Thinking clearly about the 911 Evidence: Unfounded Hypotheses vs the Hard Facts.

The physical evidence proving that the 911 attacks involved inside help is overwhelming.

Material recovered from the World Trade Centre site and observations made about the building collapses PROVE that these buildings HAD to have been demolished using explosives. There is simply NO other explanation that adequately accounts for the all phenomena witnessed. These phenomena include:

1. the presence of Molten Steel in three locations under each collapsed skyscraper,
2. the melted concrete that encased various artifacts recovered from the site,
3. the Thermate explosive products found in dust and steel samples,
4. the pulverisation of concrete and steel to microscopic size,
5. the free fall collapse rates of the Towers and,
6. the rapid and symmetrical collapse of World Trade Centre Building#7.

These 6 points of evidence are not hypotheticals but are hard facts- forensic evidence that cannot be ignored or dismissed out of hand. The critical point about this material is that the ONLY explanation for their existence at the World Trade Centre location is from the presence of explosive devices. There is no other credible way of accounting for them.

In many debates about whether 911 involved inside help I have found that the best debunkers, apart from audaciously ridiculing the evidence, will tend to draw the debates into areas dealing with unfounded supposition- focusing on impossible to prove hypotheses whereby this HARD EVIDENCE for the inside job is downplayed.

Recently on Air America radio a debunker, an ex-military man familiar with explosives, claimed that it would be impossible to get explosive devices past bomb sniffing dogs and that it would be too difficult to "wire" the buildings without anyone noticing. Apart from the fact that the security in the buildings appears to have been compromised and that there had been work (upgrades) carried out on the electrical systems in the twin towers in the MONTHS leading up to the attacks, what the debunker is talking about here is nothing but a hypothetical.

There is a gulf of difference between a hypothetical, in terms of what is or is not possible, and what was ACTUALLY found. When the physical evidence tells you that, yes indeed, it MUST have been possible to rig the World Trade centre buildings with explosives- because we found hard evidence for explosives - then you must proceed from that basis in fact.

The debunker's logic here dooms any inquiry to almost certain failure because his criminal investigation starts off working backwards, ignoring the hard evidence in favour of a premise- that it was too difficult to carry out such a "false flag" operation in the first place. ANY explanation, other than the obvious one- that explosives were used- is then used to defend the official version of events. Not a very scientific way of proceeding.

In other debates dealing with the hard evidence certain expert debunkers, ones that often have scientific backgrounds, will tend to focus on hypothetical ways in which the buildings might be able to collapse at freefall speeds (impossible without explosives). Although demonstrably false, these sorts of speculative arguments tend to steer the discussion away from the "smoking gun" points of evidence that CONCLUSIVELY prove there HAD been explosives at work at the World Trade Centre site. When you have melted Steel beams and identifiable products of THERMATE incendiary-type explosives in the rubble, then to conclude that the buildings collapsed due to fires (the official explanation) is lunacy.

Ultimately what is important is the FACT that there is ABSOLUTE PROOF that the World Trade Centre buildings experienced the effects of explosive demolition. Whether you believe it is possible or impossible to rig the buildings is irrelevant.

The 911 debate is over. The remaining debunkers are either misinformed, deluded or are deliberately lying. It is time that we see a proper, independent criminal investigation into the September 11 attacks based on the evidence at hand.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Confessions of an Economic Hitman (US)

A MUST SEE video detailing how the US government and corporations do business in various parts of the world.

The lesson here is to never make assumptions about the "benevolent" actions of US, or US influenced, entities.

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US Confession: Weapons Were Not made in Iran After All

In a sharp reversal of its longstanding accusations against Iran arming militants in Iraq , the US military has made an unprecedented albeit quiet confession: the weapons they had recently found in Iraq were not made in Iran at all.
... the Pentagon in August 2007 admitted that it had lost track of a third of the weapons distributed to the Iraqi security forces in 2004/2005. The 190,000 assault rifles and pistols roam free in Iraqi streets today.

In the past year, the US leaders have been relentless in propagating their charges of Iranian meddling and fomenting violence in Iraq and since the release of the key judgments of the US National Intelligence Estimate in December that Iran does not have a nuclear weaponisation programme, these accusations have sharply intensified.

US officials have been trying to initiate a war against Iran with accusations of Iranian interference in Iraq. None of the claims in this regard have been substantiated.

US neoconservative leaders and their supporters in the bureaucracy and military are looking to dismantle ANY Middle Eastern country that would challenge US dominance in the region.

The solution to stopping such imperialistic ambitions is simple but difficult to enact - arrest the architects of the illegal Invasion of Iraq (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al).

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Monday, 12 May 2008

The Whitehouse Coup

In 1933 corporate America attempted to implement a coup against the US Government with plans to install a right-wing fascist dictatorship. One of the players in this treason was Prescott Bush, Georgie's grandaddy among other so called captains of industry, whom I refer to as traitors. This coup was thwarted due to the efforts of General Smedley Butler whom corporate america tried to draw into their conspiracy. Unlike the business sector of America, General Butler believed in democracy, he believed in the principles that America was founded upon and it is thanks to him that this coup didn't take place in 1933.
The business sectored failed in the 1930's but they succeeded in their coup overall through deception, gradual domination, and attrition of the systems that had protected the American people. Now we are used, lied to, manipulated, conned into relinquishing OUR constitutional rights and over 200 years of accomplishments, they have bred you to hate some 'other' while they exploit that division, use it to make wealth, keep people divided, make war, steal from you, and hide the reality of the true evil and threat to democracy which is our evil corporate masters who some time ago stole our country.
As the saying goes, it is the winners who write history and the American business sector, our home grown fascists defeated us and stole our nation from us. They go through institutional motions, wrap themselves in the flag, but its all artificial, PR, to give an appearance of legitimacy. As the current regime has shown they place themselves above the law as they choose and have committed the most horrible of crimes, just like fascists they are.

This is one of the most important chapters in American history that I know of, because its when the wealthy few attempted to steal the country from the people, they committed treason plain and simple, the only time since the nations infancy where our country would be taken from us, and they got away with it then and now because they did win in the end. They stole it, they did what no outside force could do and destroyed our democracy, our republic. But it can be undone, it is our country after all, not a thing to be exploited by these traitors whose predecessors should have paid for their crime. We can take it back, I really know it is possible.

The country will be taken back but it will require people to speak up and act against the oppressors. The fact that the US is no longer a functional democracy needs to broadcast far and wide. If enough people can be made to realise the gravity of the situation then enough momentum will be generated so that military generals, judicial heads or law enforcement chiefs will move to arrest those political leaders who are allowing corrupt practice to occur at the expense of the people.

The corrupt practices in question, for which there is abundant prima facie evidence, are:

The Phony Elections
The illegal Invasion of Iraq.
Authorising Torture.
The Attacks of 911.

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Sunday, 11 May 2008

War With Iran Might Be Closer Than You Think

There is considerable speculation and buzz in Washington today suggesting that the National Security Council has agreed in principle to proceed with plans to attack an Iranian al-Qods-run camp that is believed to be training Iraqi militants. The camp that will be targeted is one of several located near Tehran. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was the only senior official urging delay in taking any offensive action. The decision to go ahead with plans to attack Iran is the direct result of concerns being expressed over the deteriorating situation in Lebanon, where Iranian ally Hezbollah appears to have gained the upper hand against government forces and might be able to dominate the fractious political situation.

This "limited" strike against the Iranian military will be seen as an attack on the Iranian state.

Thus far there is no evidence that the Iranians have directly intervened inside Iraq, Lebanon or anywhere else for that matter. I fear that the ultimate aim for this strike is as a precursor to a massive false flag attack that will be staged in some location inside the US - a second 911 designed to give the US an excuse to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, extend their military influence in the Middle East and bring about repressive security measures at home.

This scenario can be completely averted if US authorities move to arrest Bush, Cheney and other individuals who authorised the illegal invasion of Iraq, the torture and various crimes related to the "War on Terror".

(thanks to Tired for the link !)

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Saturday, 10 May 2008

David Ray Griffin on Mike Malloy (US Radio)

Mike Malloy dedicated the second hour of his program to an intervew with David Ray Griffin. A wide-ranging talk about 911.

Putfile stream:
It is always good to hear Griffin's clear, straightforward evaluation of the evidence showing that the 911 attacks involved inside help.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Neocons Admit that "War On Terror" Is a Hoax

Key war on terror architect Douglas Feith has now confirmed Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Wesley Clark in admitting that the so-called War on Terror is a hoax.

In fact, starting right after 9/11 -- at the latest -- the goal has always been to create "regime change" and instability in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Lebanon so as to protect Israel. And the goal was never really to destroy Al Qaeda.

The September 11 attacks, that kicked off all this destruction, were an Inside Job.

US Judicial, military and Law enforcement authorities must act on the evidence that the 911 murders involved inside help, the evidence that Administration officials authorised torture, and the evidence they initiated an aggressive (& illegal) war against Iraq.

Anyone of these three points is reason enough to take action. Arrests must be made and suspects brought in for questioning. The war on terror can be stopped.

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Delusional Stock Investors and Credit Crisis Vultures

The actions of Central Banks over the past six weeks have helped global markets rebound from their mid-March troughs. Markets that were down 20%-40% from their peaks of last year have now rebounded 8%-10%. So are we now about to launch into a new bull market or are we merely experiencing a counter-trend rally in a bear market?

The failing financial markets, and banks, have been kept alive due to injections of cheap Federal Reserve money. The US economy is already in recession and signs are that US consumers, the engine of the economy, are financially exhausted.

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US Government Facing Fiscal Armageddon- US Dollar in Deep Trouble

When a president tells you the economy's OK and wannabe presidents tell you it's a disaster ... or when Wall Street pundits change their story almost daily ... I can understand how it may be tough to know what to believe ... and even tougher to decide what to do.

But when three respected government agencies put out reports and data that unanimously lead to the same conclusion about the most important factor in your financial future, there's no room for disbelief, no excuse for inaction.

That's precisely the situation we have today:

Three non-political, fact-based government reports point to a single outcome: A long-term decline in the U.S. dollar.

This is not to say the dollar will fall in a straight line. Quite the contrary, as Jack Crooks has correctly pointed out, dollar rallies are inevitable and some may not be trivial. But the big picture for the dollar is clear: Down.

The recent stock market rally and future rallies should not be taken seriously. There are no credible signs the US economy has turned the corner and it looks as if the situation is set to deteriorate.

The article points to 3 government reports that spell doom for the US.

1. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) — the auditing arm of the U.S. Congress — warns that the nation's deficits and debts are now so overwhelming, America may face fiscal Armageddon / the federal government's fiscal burden — including expected Social Security, Medicare and other liabilities — totals $50.5 trillion, or $400,000 for every full-time worker in America.

2. The $48.8 Trillion in Credit Market Debts.

3. The Notional Value of U.S. Derivatives is Now $164.2 Trillion ... 12 years ago, the total notional value of derivatives held by U.S. commercial banks was $16.8 trillion.

Thus far we have only seen a reaction to write downs and losses totaling about 300-400 billion. What looms is the bankruptcy of a number of major banks and perhaps the near bankruptcy of the US government itself.

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New US Detention Centres- Facilities for 8 million.

George Bush is building detention camps. Their purpose is "to support the rapid development of new programs," without specifying just what those "new programs" might be. But, read on to see if programs Bush already has in place are the ones he's planning on using to put you in one of those camps.
In the spring of 2007, a retired senior official in the U. S. Justice department sat before Congress and told a story so odd and ominous, it could have sprung from the pages of a pulp political thriller. It was about a principled bureaucrat struggling to protect his country from a highly classified program with sinister implications.
Bush, in one of his addresses to the nation, said the program was part of planning to assess threats to the "continuity of our government."

Continuity of Government resides in a nebulous legal realm, encompassing national emergency plans that would trigger the takeover of the country by extra-constitutional forces, and effectively suspend the republic. It is a road map for martial law. According to a senior government official, "There exists a database of Americans who often for the slightest and most trivial reason are considered unfriendly, and who in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived enemies of the state almost instantaneously." The database is referred to by the code name Main Core, with 8 million Americans now listed on it as potentially suspect. In the event of a declared national emergency, these people can be subject to detention.

Very scary stuff. They're building all these centres, and they don't appear to be for regular prison inmates.

If you're an ordinary American citizen, who has expressed an opinion against the Bush Administration, be prepared for a knock on the door sometime in the near future- right after the next 911.

The only way of preventing this outcome is to take action against the current regime and hold them accountable for the numerous crimes of torture, aggressive war, and outright murder committed over the last 7 years.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed

Psychologists know you have to be careful when you go poking around the human mind because you're never sure what you'll find there. A number of psychological experiments over the years have yielded terrifying conclusions about the subjects.

Oh, we're not talking about the occasional psychopath who turns up. No, we're talking about you. The experiments speak for themselves:

These are VERY interesting experiments, please click on the link.

However, humanity is not doomed. We simply have to raise our level of self awareness- through experiments such as these and the dissemination of the information garnered (education).

If we can identify the problems we can plan to manage them.

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Oil hits New High Amid Warnings of $200 Peak

Oil prices rallied to fresh highs this morning, after an analyst at Goldman Sachs warned that prices could rise to $200 a barrel within two years.

Concerns over supply problems in Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, helped to propel US crude futures for June delivery to a high of $122 per barrel, before settling back to 121.65. London Brent crude futures also hit a record of $120.41 per barrel.

High oil prices are inflationary poison to low income earners. Anything that requires transport, which is practically everything, will rise in price. The cost of filling your gas tank will skyrocket.

Eventually, I hope, we will have technology that will limit our dependence on hydrocarbons.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Great Depression of the 2010s

Depressions are monetary phenomena caused by central bank issuance of excessive credit. In 1913, the newly created US central bank, the Federal Reserve, began issuing credit-based money in the US. Within ten years, the central bank flow of credit ignited the 1920s US stock market bubble; and shortly thereafter, following the collapse of the bubble in 1929, the world entered its first Great Depression in 1933.

Investment banks are the undoing of central banking. While all banks, central, commercial and investment, view credit as the opportunity to exploit society’s growth and productivity, investment bank exploitation of growth and productivity exposes society to extreme risks - for investment banks use society’s savings to make their volatile and speculative bets.

The speculative risks undertaken by investment banks is done by leveraging the savings of society; and, when investment bank bets are sufficiently large enough and the bets go bad - as they inevitably do as the luck of investment bankers is due more to their proximity to credit than to their ability to foresee the future - it is society that will bear the brunt of the pain in the loss of its savings.

According to a great many commentators the problem with the world financial system is straightforward- a precarious reliance on excessive levels of debt- the debt that created a massive bubble of "false wealth" early this decade. People and institutions have been able to "own" things, such as houses, businesses or financial vehicles that they have not paid for and are unlikely to pay off in the near future.

All had been "well" except that many of the risky loans in the system reached their breaking points (ie the subprime loans). Now, the banks that issued these loans and made money off them by onselling the debt to other banks, are finding themselves bankrupted by the practice.

As the banks falter the well of easy money has dried up and things are set to "adjust" themselves closer to a more realistic level (although for the time being the Federal Reserve and Central Banks are printing money to keep the high end of town in business- a taxpayer funded bailout).

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9/11 Theorist Not Curtailing his Research

Sixteen months ago, Brigham Young University and Steven Jones parted ways, but he said this week he isn't bitter about the academic divorce.
He certainly hasn't curtailed his volatile research on the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

(Yes, three towers fell, not just two. If you didn't know that, Jones is particularly interested in reaching you with his message that some other group, in addition to al-Qaida, likely contributed to the collapses.)

In fact, Jones is the lead author of a paper on the collapses published April 18 in a civil engineering journal.,5143,695275973,00.html

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Arizona State Senator Karen S. Johnson: Backing my claims about 9/11 questions

A recent letter to the editor asked for evidence of my claims regarding the tragedy of 9/11. Below I present some points that are presently known. I won’t be able to convince anyone who doesn’t want to be convinced, but for those who are willing to deal with factual evidence, consider the following:

The Senator has done some reading ... and has courage !

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Monday, 5 May 2008

United States is Drawing up Plans to Strike on Iranian Insurgency Camp

The US military is drawing up plans for a “surgical strike” against an insurgent training camp inside Iran if Republican Guards continue with attempts to destabilise Iraq, western intelligence sources said last week. One source said the Americans were growing increasingly angry at the involvement of the Guards’ special-operations Quds force inside Iraq, training Shi’ite militias and smuggling weapons into the country.
Although American defence chiefs are firmly opposed to any attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, they believe a raid on one of the camps training Shi’ite militiamen would deliver a powerful message to Tehran.

British officials believe the US military tends to overestimate the effect of the Iranian involvement in Iraq.

So far all the claims about Iranian involvement in Iraq have been baseless. Not one of the accusations has been accompanied by a shred of physical evidence. All the rhetoric is simply unfounded propaganda intended to move the US one step closer to war with Iran (a neoconservative objective).

By staging a "legitimate" attack on a "terrorist training camp" the US might elicit retaliation from Iran that they can use to ratchet up the fighting with a mind to an eventual bombardment of Iran's nuclear facilities - something that is "on the backburner" at present.

This situation can be stopped immediately if US Law Enforcement, Judicial, or independent military chiefs arrest Bush Cheney, and other architects of the Iraq War, for their role in launching an Aggressive War and for authorising, or being party to, torture.

(thanks to Tired for the link !)

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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Government Apologists Keep Moving the Goal Posts

[First Posted by George Washington on his blog.]

The people defending the government's version of 9/11 have continuously moved the goal posts:

Initially, the government apologists pretended that everyone believed the "official story" of 9/11

Then, when the family members of the victims and everyday Americans started to publicly question the government's story, they said "but, all of the experts confirm the government"

Then, when hundreds of top experts in relevant fields - military officials, intelligence officers, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, air traffic controllers, etc. - publicly questioned the government's story, they said "well, no structural engineers question 9/11"

Then, when numerous structural engineers decided to risk their careers to question the official version of events, they said "yeah, but no criticism of the government's claims has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal"

Then, when papers began to be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, they scrambled with new arguments . . .

They keep moving the goal posts, which is a sign of dishonesty. Its the old bait-and-switch ... come up with one argument, and when it is shot down as false, make up a new one.

Indeed, if Bush, Cheney, and Rummie all confessed under oath that they carried out 9/11, the defenders of the official version would probably try to move the goal posts yet again:

"true, but no one checked to see if they had their fingers crossed behind their backs at the time.

And they've been under alot of stress recently. Maybe they've suffered from short-term memory loss.

And you don't have any video actually showing them ordering the stand down, do you?! Why should we believe you if you don't have video of them doing it?!"

If you have questioned 9/11 for a couple of years, you'll know that the above-described history of goalpost-moving is accurate. If you haven't, google around and you'll probably see what I mean.

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Perhaps 60% Of Today's Oil Price Is Pure Speculation

With the development of unregulated international derivatives trading in oil futures over the past decade or more, the way has opened for the present speculative bubble in oil prices.

Since the advent of oil futures trading and the two major London and New York oil futures contracts, control of oil prices has left OPEC and gone to Wall Street. It is a classic case of the "tail that wags the dog."

A June 2006 US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report on "The Role of Market Speculation in rising oil and gas prices," noted, "there is substantial evidence supporting the conclusion that the large amount of speculation in the current market has significantly increased prices."

What the Senate committee staff documented in the report was a gaping loophole in US Government regulation of oil derivatives trading so huge a herd of elephants could walk through it. That seems precisely what they have been doing in ramping oil prices through the roof in recent months.

The Senate report was ignored in the media and in the Congress.

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Friday, 2 May 2008

Arrest Bush

by Ted Rall

When the U.S. signs a treaty, its provisions carry the full force of U.S. law. One such treaty is the U.N. Convention Against Torture, of which the U.S. is a core signatory. As Philippe Sands writes in his new book “Torture Team:” Parties to the… Convention are required to investigate any person who is alleged to have committed torture. If appropriate, they must then prosecute — or extradite the person to a place where he will be prosecuted. The Torture Convention… criminalizes any act that constitutes complicity or participation in torture. Complicity or participation could certainly be extended not only to the politicians and but also the lawyers involved…”

George W. Bush has publicly confessed that he ordered torture, thus violating the Convention Against Torture. He, Cheney, Rumseld, Rice and the other Principals must therefore be arrested and, unlike the thousands of detainees kidnapped by the U.S. since 9/11, arraigned and placed on trial.

Because the torture ordered by Bush and his cabinet directly resulted in death, they must additionally be charged with several counts of murder. Fifteen U.S. soldiers have been charged with the murders of two detainees at the U.S. airbase at Bagram, Afghanistan in 2002. They were following orders issued by their Commander-in-Chief and his Principals.

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(BREAKING STORY) Reagan Policy Adviser WARNS 1,500 Republican Delegates about McCain

Charlotte Iserbyt former Senior Adviser for the Reagan Administration sends letters to all 1500 State delegates in Maine warning them about McCain.
"McCain has little support nationally...there are never huge rallies for McCain, unless people are paid to show up. In short, he is a media creation and the darling of the Trotskyite neoconservative warmongers who have hijacked our party"

Quote: This letter, supported by many delegates to the Republican Convention, is literally about saving the party and the nation from a maniacal neoconservative war monger, who supports a United States presence in Iraq for 100 years, and who is not really even a Republican.
"War hero" image is a media creation not supported by the facts.

Highly respected republican delegate Charlotte Iserbyt points out that there is no reason to vote for a reprehensible candidate simply for the sake of "party unity." There are other options- such as Ron Paul, a candidate smeared by the media, but well supported by the general population.

She is right, the US needs saving from further madmen.

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Ron Paul Tops Amazon List at #1

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf Reports: Texas Congressman Ron Paul has "wound down" his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, although his supporters continue to make a showing at state conventions from Missouri to Nevada - even even causing a ruckus that required the Nevada convention to be temporarily shut down.

His fans also catapulted Paul's latest manifesto, released today and titled appropriately, The Revolution: A Manifesto, to number one on the Amazon bestseller list.

Congressman Paul is the only candidate that can break the corrupt system in Washington, provided he is given a chance.

Paul is still listed as a Presidential Candidate - you can vote for him in the primaries and his campaign is not completely "wound down." Moreover, it was not Ron Paul supporters that caused a "ruckus" in Nevada. It was McCain supporters that suspended the convention after it was clear they were losing. It would be nice if mainstream articles, such the one above, refrained from smears and distortions of fact in their reporting of Ron Paul news.

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Thursday, 1 May 2008


If some salamanders, newts, axolotl and other critters can regrow their limbs, I don't see why we can't do the same.

There might be implications for regrowing nerve tissue for those who have suffered spinal injuries. After all, the man's finger in the clip above grew back COMPLETELY.

[UPDATE: The details and graphics here are completely wrong. Only the fleshy end of the finger was severed. No bone was lost. This story was too good to be true.]

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151 Congressmen Profit From War

Who profits from the Iraq war? More than a quarter of senators and congressmen have invested at least $196 million of their own money in companies doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) that profit from the death and destruction in Iraq.

According to the latest reports, 151 members of Congress invested close to a quarter-billion in companies that received defense contracts of at least $5 million in 2006. These companies got more than $275.6 billion from the government in 2006, or $755 million per day, according to, a website of the watchdog group OMBWatch.
Members of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees which oversee the Iraq war had between $32 million and $44 million invested in companies with DoD contracts.

Unbelievable. I'm sure these elected representatives are doing everything they can to end the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and hold the Administration and military contractors accountable.

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