Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ex Rep. McKinney Grills Ex Def. Sec. Rumsfeld (2006)

McKinney blasts Rumsfeld and company over various defence issues. Rumsfeld really squirms.

It's interesting to note General Myers rubbish answer about 911 -that the military response was enhanced (!!!) thanks to simulated War Games held on the day.

These games actually caused Air Defense fighters to be moved North and West away from the target areas on the East coast. Furthermore, the exercises simulated hijacked aircraft, adding up to twenty false targets on radar scopes. The air traffic controller question on the day: "is this real world or exercise ?" is not surprising.

On 911 it took more than an hour for fighters to launch, whereas in previous instances the launch times were under 20 minutes- enough time in which to shoot down errant aircraft.

In reply to McKinney's unanswered question, the person in charge of the War Games on 911 was Vice President Dick Cheney.

I posted this in light of the recent article mentioning the Trillions still unaccounted for in the Pentagon's budget - a problem that had been raised almost 10 years previously.

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