Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Diebold Stock Soars After $3 Billion Takeover Bid by Defense Contractor Conglomerate United Technologies

Election Integrity Advocates Bristle at 'Disastrous,' 'Surreal' News...

Yesterday, the New York Times reported a take-over attempt of the entire company by defense contractor conglomerate United Technologies Corp. (UTC). The initial $3 billion hostile bid to buy Diebold at $40/share is "a 66 percent premium over Diebold’s Friday closing price of $24.12," according to the Times' report.

... Continuing to ensure that the peoples' votes go to the most pro-war inclined party.

There is a long history of problems with Diebold and electronic vote rigging in US elections. It is proven that Diebold machines can be easily manipulated with company executives reflecting a corrupt culture. The 2004 Election itself was rigged thanks to electronic vote counting. So much for the will of the people ...

At present all the leading candidates favour continued Middle East aggression, so it's only a matter of assisting the candidate that is most likely.

A US vote is not really worth anything these days- American citizens will only get Presidents that have been vetted and approved of by the existing establishment. Drawing attention to this issue is critical in bringing about change in the system. The corrupt status quo must be challenged.

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