Thursday, 14 February 2008

Warnings about an Upcoming US Economic Collapse used to Enact the Planning for the next 911 attack ?

Although the article "PROTOCOLS FOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN AMERICA" makes a few errors, including a reference to a new "second term" for the Bush Cheney Administration (it would be a third term), the author does draw serious attention to the results of the US defaulting on its increasingly unserviceable debt.

The article mentions there exist protocols that will be enacted in the event of a US economic collapse resulting in Martial law. This had me thinking. This is precisely what the neoconservatives would be wanting.

Considering that 911 was an Inside Job (see papers by Professor Steven Jones on Molten Steel and Thermate at WTC Ground Zero) we must assume that the neocons, some of whom appear involved in the attacks, are not entirely finished with the US just yet. Their ultimate goal has always been to gain control over the Middle East and this has not been fully realised.

From the neoconservative point of view, what is required now is another 911.

Running up unserviceable debt appears to be just the right policy that can be used to gain greater control over the US population and if combined with a new false flag attack, will allow the Wars in the Middle East to be expanded.

It's a clever plan. Quietly sell an upcoming economic disaster within the country to get the control system in place and then drop in the false flag attack and take out whatever Middle East country you so choose.

Following a new terror attack on US soil there will be Martial Law and a defacto draft, as mentioned in the linked story- sold to the public as necessary to counter insurgents and foreign agents. The draft will help provide "domestic security" and assist in launching a "counter attack" in the Middle East by freeing up existing US military forces. The end result will be the appropriation of the Mid East oil reserves coinciding the economic collapse of the US economy.

It is likely that the next false flag attack will start off small with a staged attack in the Mid East on US forces, then escalate with the US bombing of Tehran ... then we might see a second follow up false flag attack (WMD) in the US that would bring about the Martial Law and a "full scale" attack against Iran.

Already we have seen the cutting of undersea communication cables in the Middle East that has greatly reduced the ability of Iran to report their position to the outside world. The doctorine of Full Spectrum dominance at play ...

In the chaos of the next 911 we might see the US government itself attacked, Presidential candidates killed and who knows what. The "only option" would be to enact Martial Law, keep Bush and Cheney in office and enlist as many flag waving Amercians as possible in order to "defend the country". 1984 enacted in late 2008 ?

(I hope such a plan will fail, that there will be enough dissenters within the upper echelons of the "cabal" running the US at the moment. The US really needs a military coup to kick out the ultra corrupt officials that launched the unnecessary war in Iraq. Some housecleaning is in order.)

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