Friday, 29 February 2008

Italian Produced 911 Truth Film Shown to European Parliamentarians

On Tuesday 26th February, Europarliamentarian Guilietto Chiesa invited his colleagues and the press to attend the screening and debate of the Italian-produced documentary named ‘ZERO, an investigation into the events of 9/11’. Object of the screening was to create political awareness of the faulty official investigation into the events by the 9/11 Commission.

Besides Mr Chiesa, the panel consisted of Japanese parliamentarian Fujita, Dr David Ray Griffin, film distributor Tim Sparke & the director and producers of the film.
Chiesa: ‘It is obvious that we are now cast in an infinite war, based on lies. And as long as there is no new and independent investigation, we will never have security. There are too many lies for the official narrative to be true. Our film is an instrument to request the re-opening of the 9/11 investigation.’

It should be the objective of all "911 Truth" organisations to breakdown the wall of censorship surrounding the facts about the September 11 attacks. Once the information is truly in the public domain will justice be done.

Futhermore, the exposure of 911 will radically alter people's views of the world and lead to a better future- a future in which our leaders will never be trusted again. A new age of transparent government will ensue, and there will be a general re-evaluation of everything we had previously taken for granted.

Bush Vows to Veto a Mortgage Relief Bill

President Bush sided with banks and mortgage lenders on Tuesday, threatening to veto a bill being offered by Senate Democrats that would give more bargaining power to homeowners who face foreclosure.

Opening what is likely to be an intense political battle in the deepening mortgage crisis, the White House said it strongly opposed the bill, which would let bankruptcy court judges modify the terms of a mortgage as part of the restructuring of a debt in a bankruptcy filing.

Supporters of the legislation say it could prevent as many as 600,000 home foreclosures affecting people who took out tickler or other complicated mortgages and now face steep increases in interest rates and monthly payments.

Consumer and civil rights groups argue that the change in bankruptcy law would provide the surest way of helping families renegotiate mortgages that have been bundled into complex securities and sold to investors.

But mortgage lenders, and the Wall Street firms that purchased the loans, have mounted a campaign against the bill, saying it would send a chilling message to investors and lead to higher borrowing costs in the future.

“We’re pulling out all the stops on this,” said Stephen O’Connor, chief lobbyist for the Mortgage Bankers Association. “How will lenders and investors react to the added risk? They will likely charge a higher interest rate, likely charge more points on the mortgage and likely demand higher down payments.”

This is precisely the problem. The banks and the mortgage lenders gave away houses to people who simply could not afford them !! People who want to buy a house should be expected to have some money for a down payment. A slightly higher criteria for gaining mortgage credit would avoid many future bankruptcies.

Rather than trying to help their customers pay off their home loan debts, the banks would rather take possession of the foreclosed properties and be able to issue loans at rates which will not remain permanently discounted- the sub-prime mortages were only discounted for a limited amount of time before they reset. Meanwhile these same banks are lending big money to each other at the lowest rates possible, money which is then used to invest in higher paying vehicles- like more home loans ...

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Robot Wars 'will be a Reality within 10 Years'

The world is sleepwalking into an international robot arms race, a leading expert will warn today.

Prof Noel Sharkey fears increased research and spending on unmanned military systems by countries including the US, Russia, China and Israel will lead to the use of autonomous battlefield robots that can decide when to kill within a decade.

We are rapidly moving towards robots that can make the decision to apply lethal force, when to apply it and who to apply it to. I think maybe we're taking about a 10-year time frame.

"If one country develops autonomous robots, it is clear that other countries will follow suit. What worries me is real soldiers can use common sense in situations such as deciding whether a woman is pregnant or carrying explosives. Robots do not.

"Neither can they make decisions about the proportional use of force. Most soldiers would not for example blow up a school full of children if there is a sniper on its roof, but who knows what a robot would do."

The American Department of Defence (DoD) last year published a 25-year plan to spend as £12 billion on robotic air, land and sea systems.

US forces recently deployed the first battlefield robots equipped with automatic weapons in Iraq.

"You've been targeted for Termination !"

US Inflation Running at 26 Year Highs.

In more bad economic news, consumer confidence and home prices posted sharp declines while higher costs for such basics as food and energy left wholesale inflation rising at the fastest pace in a quarter-century.

The new reports Tuesday raised the threat of a return of "stagflation," the economic curse of the 1970s in which economic growth stagnates at the same time that inflation continues racing ahead

As US consumer spending lessens and instances of personal bankruptcy increase (because of excessive mortgage & credit card debt) we will see a corresponding effect on company profits. People facing hard times will be spending less money than they used to.

Also with an extremely weak US dollar, the cost of many imported goods including oil and many raw materials will rise causing the prices of many consumer items to increase even as demand lessens. Taken with the troubles plaguing the financial sector- the preponderance of excessively leveraged debt and the "crisis in liquidity" - the US sharemarket is set to go down in a major way.

The bad economic times are only just beginning. Concentrate on eliminating your debts.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie might be wondered how many lies are contained in The 9/11 Commission Report. I do not know. But, deciding to see how many lies I had discussed in my book, I found that I had identified over 100 of them. Once I had made the list, it occurred to me that others might find this summary helpful. Hence this article.

by David Ray Griffin

The 911 Commission Report claims to have conducted a thorough investigation into the September 11 attacks but this is not true. Upon inspection we can clearly see the Report is a fraud built on numerous omissions and distortions. There are so many lies contained in the report that any reasonable person must conclude there is a cover-up in process.

Dr Griffin's article is a MUST READ for those who are just discovering the problems with the official narrative into 911.

Deep Recession Feared in U.S.

Economists are no longer talking about a U.S. recession but a deep recession after figures yesterday showed business sentiment continued to plummet in early February.
The collapse in the outlook for activity six months out was particularly worrisome, Merrill Lynch said. It posted the steepest decline in the 40-year history of this report, suggesting the United States is facing a recession on par with the early 1990s' downturn rather than the milder 2001 contraction.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

CIA World Fact Book- Current Account Balances by Country.

Countries with large current account deficits will be particularly vulnerable at times of economic downturn. The US happens to top the list in terms of debt- scroll down ...

Jon Stewart takes on the 'uncensored' History of the 9/11 Commission

Jon Stewart hosted the New York Times' Philip Shenon on Monday night to discuss his new book, The Commission: An Uncensored history of the 9/11 Commission. The author described White House obstructionism in the course of the officially-mandated Sept. 11 investigation.

"It is remarkable the efforts that the Bush White House went through to try to prevent the 9/11 Commission from getting the information it needed," Shenon told Stewart. "The person who was most responsible for that tension was former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who was then the White House Counsel."

The 911 Commission Report was a heinous cover-up from start to finish. However, it was not a simple case of a politically orchestrated investigation designed to deflect blame away from charges of incompetence - such as portrayed by the author.

The unabridged record shows the Commission - run by Dr Philip Zelikow- actively hid information that pointed to active inside involvement in the attacks. Rather than covering up incompetence the commission was concealing information that clearly showed the hand of Bush Administration officials in enabling the attacks - notably Vice President Dick Cheney.

In sabotaging the investigation, the directors of the 911 Commission have themselves committed a crime and should be put on trial.

New Evidence Challenges Official Picture of Kennedy Shooting

The official record states that senator Robert F Kennedy, like his brother before him, was killed by a crazed lone gunman. But the assassination of a man who seemed to embody so much hope for a bitterly divided country embroiled in an unpopular war still troubles this nation.

Little about the official explanation of the events at the Ambassador Hotel on June 5 1968 makes sense. Now a new forensic analysis of the only audio recording of the fatal shots has given new weight to a controversial theory that there were in fact two shooters, and that the man convicted of Kennedy's killing — Sirhan Sirhan - did not fire the fatal shots.
"Sirhan was apprehended at the scene with literally a smoking gun," said acoustic forensic expert Philip Van Praag of PVP Designs, who has carried out the new analysis. "At the beginning many people looked upon this as an open-and-shut case. It was one man, Sirhan Sirhan, who was observed by a number of people, who aimed and fired a gun in the direction of Kennedy's entourage."

But the lone gunman explanation has always looked shaky. The autopsy of Kennedy's body suggested that all four shots that hit him came from behind, and powder marks on his skin showed they must have been from close range.

But Sirhan was in front of Kennedy when he fired, and after shooting two shots was overcome by hotel staff, who pinned him to a table. Also, Sirhan fired eight shots in total, yet 14 were found lodged around the room and in the victims.

"There is no doubt in our minds that no fewer than 14 shots were fired in the pantry on that evening and that Sirhan did not in fact kill Senator Kennedy," said Robert Joling, a forensic scientist who has been involved with the Kennedy case for nearly 40 years. He and Van Praag have published a book on the killing this week entitled "An Open and Shut Case".

Although it is obvious that Sirhan Sirhan could not have killed RFK the evidence that would have proven his innocence never saw the light of day until recently. At the time of his trial Sirhan's lawyers convinced him to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty and so none of the information was ever presented in a court of Law. It was not until many years later that anyone was able to examine the crime scene evidence.

Monday, 25 February 2008

False Flag Prospects, 2008 -- Top Three US Target Cities

By Capt. Eric H. May

The 9/11, 2001 attacks in the United States and the 7/7, 2005 attacks in the United Kingdom both have smoking guns proving that the mass murderers were not foreign terrorists but domestic tyrants. Each country's government was conducting military exercises that simulated the exact events that were to occur.

The US 9/11 Commission stumbled across strong evidence of treason by Dick Cheney when it interviewed Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, who was present in Cheney's famous command bunker as Flight 77 sped toward Washington, DC. Cheney was at the center of national military exercises simulating terrorist hijackings of US aircraft -- at the very time that those hijackings were occurring in real life.
... an objective investigation would have more than enough evidence to warrant impeachment of Bush and Cheney on a charge of high treason, and to summon a grand jury that would indict many others on charges of high treason against Larry Silverstein and other apparent 9/11 collaborators. I believe that the American people, if presented with a single news story containing the five YouTube links above, would demand that the case of high treason be carried to its logical conclusion.

Congress, though, won't impeach the president. The mainstream media, for which I used to write, will not investigate and report the story. The military that was used as a tool to mass murder American citizens will not take action against traitors in uniform who knew exactly what they were doing on 9/11, or the many more uniformed dupes who thought they were conducting military exercises until the events of 9/11 occurred. To this day there have been no adverse actions -- which would require investigation and evaluation -- against any military person involved in what even official apologists call the greatest defense failure in American history. All of this shows that the fix is in, and that we are in a fix.

One of the scenarios touted is the use of a nuclear device (possibly a "suitcase" nuke). In this event the cover for the operation in any targeted city could be very limited. The officials planting the device need only have enough cover so that they & the nuke would be given a "free pass" out of custody in the event of capture. One or two well placed people in positions of authority is all that would be required.

The difference between this action and the previous false flags is that the detonation of a nuclear device would destroy most evidence that might cause one to question the attack. There would be no suspicious signs such as the freefall collapse times of the Twin Towers, or something like the collapse of World Trade Centre 7. There would be no need to do extensive (and detectable) pre-planning as per the 911 demolitions in New York City.

The only questionable aspect of the story might be a post attack "Al Qaeda claim" or the arrest of "middle eastern conspirators" after the fact. There'd be no discernible -smoking gun -physical evidence.

Therefore pushing the truth about 911 is vital in preventing, or at least undermining the success, of a new false flag attack.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Unraveling Of The Official 911 Story Continues

By Mark Gaffney

Today in America, we are witness to a great unraveling, the likes of which we have never seen before. There are no historical precedents. For many months now the official narrative about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on America has been coming apart, and I mean: at the seams. The official story about that terrible day is disintegrating. The trend shows no sign of abating and in recent weeks it even appears to have accelerated. At the present rate, soon there will be nothing left of the official version of events but a discordant echo and a series of extremely rude after shocks.

Is our nation prepared to face those rude shocks?

The unraveling began within weeks of the release of the 9/11 Commission Report (in July 2004) with the shocking revelation that members of the 9/11 commission were convinced that government officials, including NORAD generals, had deceived them during the investigation­­­in essence, had lied to their faces during the hearings.[1] According to the Washington Post the members of the commission vented their frustrations at a special meeting in the summer of 2004. The panel even considered referring the matter to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation.

The unraveling continued in 2006 with the release of a follow-up volume, Without Precedent, authored by the two men who had co-chaired the commission, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton. The men had come under increasing fire ever since the release of their final report for presiding over what many now believe was a failed investigation. Stung by so much criticism, Kean and Hamilton felt the need to explain (and defend) themselves. The gist of their 2006 book is easily summarized. They write: "We were set up to fail."

The bleeding continued in May 2007 with the stunning announcement that former BYU physicist Steven Jones had found residues of thermate, a high temperature explosive, in the dust of the collapsed World Trade Center.[2] The discovery has the gravest implications for our nation, and probably for this reason the announcement went reported in the US media. In a later chapter I will discuss this important evidence in detail.

Yet another startling revelation occurred in December 2007 when we learned that the CIA destroyed evidence, in the form of audio-tapes, deemed vital to the official investigation.[3]
The news prompted 9/11 Commission co-chairs Kean and Hamilton to fire off an angry salvo in the New York Times in which they charged that the CIA had obstructed their investigation.[4] Their blunt accusation was explosive and should have caused every American to sit up and take notice. Unfortunately, the average American probably failed to connect the dots because, as usual, the US media offered nothing in the way of helpful context or analysis. We were fed the usual diet of tidbits and sound bytes: a wealth of minutiae. The big picture remained elusive.

But back to the unraveling story ...

Growing support for the "inside job hypothesis" is not surprising considering the many holes in the official narrative. The biggest hole is the fact that there is actual scientific proof of the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centre Buildings.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Ron Paul Reactivates GOP Candidacy, Vows to Fight this Year and Beyond

Wait, hold on! Don't toss those Ron Paul signs quite yet.

The 72-year-old, 10-term Republican congressman has just vowed to continue his current campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

Practically the only honest, straight-talking politician in Washington- still flying the flag in the name of the US Constitution.

Paul is continuing with his Presidential campaign because of ongoing support- the donations are still flowing - with plans on building a nation wide movement beyond the 2008 Presidential election.

It seems a lot of people in the US realise their country's political system is bankrupt and needs some serious fixing.

Less Money, More Pain - The Bonfire of Capital

By Mike Whitney

The $2 trillion market for collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), the multi-trillion dollar mortgage-backed securities market (MBSs) and the $1.3 asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) market have all shut down draining a small ocean of capital from the financial system and pushing many of the banks and hedge funds closer to default.

The country is now headed into a deep and protracted recession. Low interest credit and financial innovation have paralyzed the credit markets while inflating a monstrous equity bubble that is wreaking havoc with the world's financial system. The new market architecture, "structured finance", has collapsed under the stress of falling asset-values and rising defaults. Many of the banks are technically insolvent already, drowning in their own red ink. Public confidence in the nations' financial institutions has never been lower. Monetary policy and deregulation have failed. The system is self-destructing.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Dr. Steven E. Jones Discusses Thermate Explosive Evidence at the Boston 911 Conference


Professor Steven Jones has already demonstrated the presence of thermate explosive products in the dust and steel at the World Trade Centre site- smoking gun proof that 911 was an inside job. In this video, Jones discusses another "anomaly" found in the dust- red chips- that he suspects are the remnants of the Thermate explosive itself. Results are pending from independent analysis.

Electronic Elections: Vote Fraud in the 21st Century


Specifically vote fraud in the USA in the 21st Century- making sure the pro-war, pro-corporate candidate wins.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

‘Dodgy Dossier’ Draft Reveals War Lies

It’s bad enough that Tony Blair took us into a war apparently on the basis of a document written by a foreign office press officer.

But what’s worse is that the infamous claim that Saddam Hussein could launch chemical weapons within 45 minutes was not in the draft document.

It was written in the margin by someone else in Whitehall and appears in the final dossier – backing up the claim that the dossier was “sexed up” to justify the war.

The politicians in the US and UK worked hard to construct a lie in order to sell the Iraq War. They claimed that Saddam's regime represented a threat to the world- whereas the raw intelligence revealed no evidence of any WMD threat or ties to Al Qaeda.

Those informed individuals who attempted to draw attention to this situation either became a target of slander-Joseph Wilson (aka Plamegate) or ended up dead- Dr David Kelly (the UK weapons expert).

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

U.S. Credit Markets Collapsing !

The U.S. credit markets, the giant growth engine that powers the American economy, are collapsing ... with few credit sectors spared from damage, few investors escaping losses, and little hope of federal action that's quick or strong enough to make a major difference.

Here's what's happening ...

There's a lot of problems with the US economy, no matter what happens there will be no recovery from this mess for some time to come. Invest cautiously and minimise your debts.

Monday, 18 February 2008

If Only Saddam Had Injected HGH

By Scott Ritter

The recent spectacle of Congressional hearings on the alleged use of steroids and/or Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by Roger Clemons, a professional baseball player nicknamed "the Rocket," throws into question the viability and functionality of a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party. The House Government Reform Committee, chaired by Representative Henry Waxman (D-California), carried out its own made-for-television version of Court TV, grilling the All Star pitcher and his former trainer over their contradictory statements as to whether or not Clemons actually was injected with a banned performance enhancing substance. While this hearing was underway, thousands of miles away, in Iraq , American service members continued the ugly business of occupying Iraq . That Waxman would abuse his position by pursuing such trivia while Americans continued to fight and die in a war built exclusively on a framework of lies is disturbing.

[Ex-CIA] Philip Giraldi: What FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds Found in Translation

The former FBI translator turned whistle-blower tells a chilling story of corruption at Washington's highest levels – sale of nuclear secrets, shielding of terrorist suspects, illegal arms transfers, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, espionage. She may be a first-rate fabulist, but Ms. Edmonds' account is full of dates, places and names.

And if she is to be believed, a treasonous plot to embed moles in American military and nuclear installations and pass sensitive intelligence to Israeli, Pakistani and Turkish sources was facilitated by figures in the upper echelons of the State and Defense Departments. Her charges could be easily confirmed or dismissed if classified government documents were made available to investigators.

But Congress has refused to act, and the Justice Department has shrouded Ms. Edmonds' case in the state-secrets privilege, a rarely used measure so sweeping that it precludes even a closed hearing attended only by officials with top-secret security clearances. According to the Department of Justice, such an investigation "could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the foreign policy and national security of the United States."

According to the Department of Justice, such an investigation "could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the foreign policy and national security of the United States."

The investigation would only cause "serious damage" to the corruption pervading the US government. From the information avaialable it appears that Sibel Edmonds has uncovered criminal dealings between the US and various overseas organisations, governments and their representatives- dealings that include money laundering, drug running and involvement in the September 11 attacks.

The response of the US Congress, in the face of these revelations, is to do nothing - thus aiding and abetting potential criminal activity- a course of action that is in itself worthy of investigation (as an act of criminal negligence, dereliction of duty).

Ron Paul Promo Video.


Presidential candidate Ron Paul has been sidelined by the US corporate media and further undermined by rigged Republican party polling. At present there is almost no chance that he will ever be selected as the Presidential nominee barring some sort of mass protest.

Every effort has been taken to hide Paul's message which reveals him to be the best, least corrupt of any of the candidates- on both sides of politics.

Top US Accountability Officer Quits over Job Constraints

The head of the audit and investigative arm of the US Congress announced his resignation Friday, citing "real limitations" on what he could do.

David Walker, 51, a respected voice on fiscal matters, said he was making an early departure from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) to head a new public interest foundation.

"As Comptroller General of the United States and head of the GAO, there are real limitations on what I can do and say in connection with key public policy issues, especially issues that directly relate to GAO's client -- the Congress," Walker said in a statement.

He did not elaborate but Walker last year issued an unusually downbeat assessment of his country's future in a report that drew parallels with the end of the Roman empire.

He had warned that the US government was on a "burning platform" of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action was not taken soon.

There were "striking similarities" between America's current situation and the factors that brought down Rome, he had said.

The US accountability head is not allowed to speak his mind, even when reporting to Congress ! A formula for disaster in the making. Let the reckless spending and poor policy decisions continue unabated !

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Titan Has More Oil Than Earth

Saturn's smoggy moon Titan has hundreds of times more natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth, scientists said today.

... natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons that could not have been formed thanks to decaying plant or animal matter (-as Mike Rivero from has pointed out).

It is very likely that the Earth's oil reserves are also not "fossil" based. The implication is that there is a lot more of this stuff trapped within the crust in levels and locations than has previously been considered.

Whether or not there is more or less oil, recklessly burning massive amounts of these trapped hydrocarbons is still unwise. Material that had remained bottled up over many eons may ultimately poison the lower portions of the atmosphere in which we live.
We must still make an effort to develop new non-polluting technologies.

Bush Administration Hides More Data, Shuts Down Website Tracking U.S. Economic Indicators

The U.S. economy is faltering. Family debt is on the rise, benefits are disappearing, the deficit is skyrocketing, and the mortgage crisis has worsened. Conservatives have attempted to deflect attention from the crisis, by blaming the media’s negative coverage and insisting the United States is not headed toward a recession, despite what economists are predicting.

The Bush administration’s latest move is to simply hide the data.

And many US economic indicators that are released are cooked. For example, the official "core" inflation rate should not be under 3%. This government figure excludes energy costs and food- typical day to day expenses of every household.

At present the US economy is in much worse condition than has been reported.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


There exists some extremely disturbing scientific evidence which totally undermines the official 911 story. It does not matter what theories you believe in, the evidence here speaks for itself:
The picture above shows MOLTEN STEEL being removed from the World Trade Centre rubble pile. However, from all accounts (even the official NISTs report concedes this point) the fires in the WTC buildings were too weak to cause such melting. Conventional building fires, including ones initiated with aviation kerosene, cannot raise the temperature of structural steel to its melting point of around 1300 degrees celsius. According to all the available data, the fires in the Towers could only have reached a maximum temperature of around 650 degrees celsius- yet here we can see steel so hot that it has taken on a yellow look (an observation that indicates a temperature of between 850-1000 degrees celsius !!).

There are only two ways which would enable this steel to reach such a high temperature.
1. In a blast furnace.
2. From Explosives.
The rubble pile was not a blast furnace.
Therefore one must assume that explosives were the most likely agent.

Furthermore, we have supporting eyewitness testimony from firefighters and civilians which reveals that many of them felt, and were knocked over by, huge explosions occurring in the lower floors of the WTC buildings -far away from the fire zones.

Recent analysis conducted by physics Professor Steven Jones has now uncovered the chemical signature for the explosive THERMATE in multiple samples taken from the WTC steel and dust- proving, without doubt, that explosives were used. The newly formed, Architects for 911 Truth organisation, with over 200 building professionals onboard, concurs with these findings.

The science here is clear cut. Whatever one thinks about the various theories floating around out there, one thing is certain: The Twin Towers (and Building 7) at the World Trade Centre site were rigged with explosives. Most importantly, such an operation would take many weeks to plan and carry out. Therefore, part of the 911 attacks against the World Trade Centre complex MUST have been an "Inside Job" as Bin Laden's men would not have had the necessary time or access to wire these buildings.

The charade must end. If we are honest with ourselves we must now seriously consider ALL the evidence-- including material which indicates the complicity of certain elements within the US government in the attacks of September 11.[1] A new independent criminal investigation must be launched and the "war on terror" must end.

U.S. Mortgage Crisis Spreads Beyond Subprime Loans

The U.S. credit crisis is no longer just a subprime mortgage problem.

As the world's largest economy grapples with the worst housing slump in two decades, people with good credit histories are falling behind on house payments, auto loans and credit cards at an accelerating pace.

The problem, spurred by a sharp decline in home prices and a clampdown on loans by banks, poses a new a threat to the housing market and weakening economy, which some specialists say is in a recession or headed for one.

The US economic fundamentals are a disaster. Be prepared for further bank losses and failures in the up coming months.

Warnings about an Upcoming US Economic Collapse used to Enact the Planning for the next 911 attack ?

Although the article "PROTOCOLS FOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN AMERICA" makes a few errors, including a reference to a new "second term" for the Bush Cheney Administration (it would be a third term), the author does draw serious attention to the results of the US defaulting on its increasingly unserviceable debt.

The article mentions there exist protocols that will be enacted in the event of a US economic collapse resulting in Martial law. This had me thinking. This is precisely what the neoconservatives would be wanting.

Considering that 911 was an Inside Job (see papers by Professor Steven Jones on Molten Steel and Thermate at WTC Ground Zero) we must assume that the neocons, some of whom appear involved in the attacks, are not entirely finished with the US just yet. Their ultimate goal has always been to gain control over the Middle East and this has not been fully realised.

From the neoconservative point of view, what is required now is another 911.

Running up unserviceable debt appears to be just the right policy that can be used to gain greater control over the US population and if combined with a new false flag attack, will allow the Wars in the Middle East to be expanded.

It's a clever plan. Quietly sell an upcoming economic disaster within the country to get the control system in place and then drop in the false flag attack and take out whatever Middle East country you so choose.

Following a new terror attack on US soil there will be Martial Law and a defacto draft, as mentioned in the linked story- sold to the public as necessary to counter insurgents and foreign agents. The draft will help provide "domestic security" and assist in launching a "counter attack" in the Middle East by freeing up existing US military forces. The end result will be the appropriation of the Mid East oil reserves coinciding the economic collapse of the US economy.

It is likely that the next false flag attack will start off small with a staged attack in the Mid East on US forces, then escalate with the US bombing of Tehran ... then we might see a second follow up false flag attack (WMD) in the US that would bring about the Martial Law and a "full scale" attack against Iran.

Already we have seen the cutting of undersea communication cables in the Middle East that has greatly reduced the ability of Iran to report their position to the outside world. The doctorine of Full Spectrum dominance at play ...

In the chaos of the next 911 we might see the US government itself attacked, Presidential candidates killed and who knows what. The "only option" would be to enact Martial Law, keep Bush and Cheney in office and enlist as many flag waving Amercians as possible in order to "defend the country". 1984 enacted in late 2008 ?

(I hope such a plan will fail, that there will be enough dissenters within the upper echelons of the "cabal" running the US at the moment. The US really needs a military coup to kick out the ultra corrupt officials that launched the unnecessary war in Iraq. Some housecleaning is in order.)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How the Spooks Took Over the News

In his controversial new book, Nick Davies argues that shadowy intelligence agencies are pumping out black propaganda to manipulate public opinion – and that the media simply swallow it wholesale
Powell claimed that "Iraq today harbours a deadly terrorist network headed by Abu Musab al Zarqawi"; that Zarqawi's base in Iraq was a camp for "poison and explosive training"; that he was "an associate and collaborator of Osama bin Laden and his al-Q'aida lieutenants"; that he "fought in the Afghan war more than a decade ago"; that "Zarqawi and his network have plotted terrorist actions against countries, including France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and Russia".

Courtesy of post-war Senate intelligence inquiries; evidence disclosed in several European trials; and the courageous work of a handful of journalists who broke away from the pack, we now know that every single one of those statements was entirely false. But that didn't matter: it was a big story. News organisations sucked it in and regurgitated it for their trusting consumers.
In the case of British intelligence, you can see this combination of reckless propaganda and failure of oversight at work in the case of Operation Mass Appeal. This was exposed by the former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter, who describes in his book, Iraq Confidential, how, in London in June 1998, he was introduced to two "black propaganda specialists" from MI6 who wanted him to give them material which they could spread through "editors and writers who work with us from time to time".

The author here is right about the fake Al Zarqawi news and the manipulation of information about Iraq by US and British authorities. Our current mainstream press has performed exceedingly poorly in matters involving these international affairs.

The author does run on one false assumption: that "Finally, in December 2004, Osama bin Laden gave in to this constructed reality... and declared him [Zarqawi] the leader of al-Q'aida's resistance to the American occupation."

Bin Laden issued no such endorsement.
Bin Laden has been dead since early 2002.

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Mainstream Media's failure to Cover the 911 Story.

The mainstream media has yet to come to terms with the damning evidence that proves the 911 horror MUST have been an "inside job." It is essential that our journalists wake up to the hard facts that debunk the official story about September 11 and report this vital news to the unsuspecting public. Failure to do so has allowed the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to proceed unhindered.

Our mainstream journalists have done almost nothing to cover the material and arguments presented by such expert groups as Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth -comprised of over 260 building professionals- who are pushing for a new criminal investigation into the 911 attacks at

The overriding problem on the media's side of the equation- explaining their failure to act on the evidence at hand- is that most journalists blindly ASSUME the official narrative MUST be correct and doggedly ignore any evidence to the contrary. After all, there couldn't possibly be anything substantial to the inside job claim since no one would be able to cover-up such a preposterously large crime in the face of all the official investigations could they ?!

HOWEVER, if one takes the time to look, it is abundantly obvious that the Official 911 Report IS a pack of lies and ALL subsequent "scientific" studies backing up this fraud are nothing more than unsubstantiated deceptions. Even the oft cited Popular Mechanics rebuttal to the Inside Job hypothesis is likewise a lie. Designed to bolster the official story, the Popular Mechanics article is easily disproven through reasoned analysis. The lesson here is that just because a report is written by scientists does not make it scientific ! Explanations need to be based on verifiable fact.

There really should be no ongoing debate about whether or not 911 was an inside job since the key evidence cannot be discounted or dismissed. All journalists should consider, and then draw attention to, these 4 physical PROOFS indicating that Explosive Demolition MUST have been used to bring down the buildings at the World Trade Centre site- something Bin Laden's men could not have done. The proofs are:

1. the Tons of Molten Steel found in the rubble,
2. the detection of Thermate EXPLOSIVE products in the Steel and Dust taken from Ground Zero,
3. the freefall, low resistance collapse times of all the WTC buildings,
4. the very fact that a third, relatively undamaged skyscraper (WTC 7), collapsed at all.

The material in question here is not rocket science. The core evidence involves basic physics and is understandable to anyone with a high school education.

The most important point is that we have clear forensic evidence showing the application of explosives on the buildings at the World Trade Centre site. How the operation was achieved is yet to be determined- that is a question for later investigation- but we do have the hard evidence. All that needs to be done is to act on this material.

At the moment, despite the damning, irrefutable proof, the mainstream media is still loath to touch the subject. It appears that a combination of ignorance, arrogance and fear are stopping most journalists, the majority of whom are honest individuals, from reporting on this critical issue.

This self-induced censorship is not acceptable. 911 was an inside job and it is very likely there could be other such attacks in the near future. Inaction will only condemn later generations to a world of misery. Exposing the truth behind the 911 attacks is necessary in order to bring about an end to the current "War on Terror".

Our media must run the story about the physical evidence proving 911 was an inside job. A serious discussion about the evidence- the Molten Steel, the Thermate explosive products- needs to occur. Something MUST to be done to prevent follow up attacks and to see the protagonists of the original crime brought to Justice.

See also: The Scientific Proof that Ends the 911 Debate

Recap: Official NISTs Study into 911 Building Collapses Exposed as Scientific Fraud.

Two scientists explain exactly why the official investigation into the World Trade Towers attacks is a lie. There is no queston, the official study into 911 Tower collapses is bogus.

(There is one error here. The voice over states a B-52 had crashed into the Empire State Building in the past and that the Twin Towers were designed to withstand attacks from airliners. The aircraft in question was actually a WW2 B-25 bomber- a much smaller aircraft. Apart from this, the comments from the scientists should be taken seriously.)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

US Retailers report worst January in nearly 40 years

Here's a sign of how shaky the economy has become: Wal-Mart says its shoppers are redeeming their holiday gift cards for basic items — pasta sauce, diapers, laundry detergent — instead of iPods or DVDs.

Merchants had hoped shoppers armed with gift cards would provide a lift after a dismal holiday shopping season — partly because shoppers tend to spend even more than the value of the card. But that didn't seem to happen last month, and retailers are feeling the pain.

Yesterday, the nation's retailers turned in their worst January in almost four decades as high gas and food prices, a slumping housing market, tighter credit and a tougher job market pushed consumers to the edge.

The worst figures in 40 years ? This is a sure sign that the US economy has already slipped into recession.

Could Ron Paul become the "Cinderella Man"?

With Mitt Romney dropping out of the Presidential race and Mike Huckabee likely to join him very soon, the mainstream media will soon be faced with a situation they never thought possible (and tried their best to avoid), a head-to-head between John McCain and the "people´s champion" Ron Paul!

Sure, the odds are stacked up against Ron Paul, but even the MSM can not possibly print articles about results (if there are just two in the race) without mentioning his name (but I bet some will still try).

This will be very interesting. I have no doubt that the primary election results will continue to be fudged so that McCain cannot loose. I just wonder how the media will handle a potential two horse race- especially considering how far the censorship has gone against Ron Paul's anti-war and anti big government message.

UNBELIEVABLE testimony from FOX News Whistleblowers.


Perhaps the severe manipulation of facts by Fox News is not so unbelieveable. However, the upshot of this whole episode is that it is legal for TV news channels to knowingly lie to their audiences- at least in the USA.

Super Tuesday Exit Polling was "Wrong" ?

A lot of the exit polling from last night was dead wrong. I remember someone posting 1st and 2nd wave exit polling leaks from MyDD and TPM last night and feeling good about Obama's chances. Lo and was off on MA and NJ and a lot of other states as well.

The answer is simple. The exit polling was as accurate as it has always been. Large deviations between the exit polls and the final tally are indicators that the official count has been manipulated. Barak Obama has obviously been slated to lose.

Exit polling has been used to monitor elections overseas -to overturn results in the Ukraine and recently in Kenya. Why should exit poll results be specifically ignored in the US ?

It appears the US electoral system is corrupt. The vote of each US citizen now counts for nothing. Welcome to the USSA.

Futuristic Toy Car runs on Tap Water

A remote-control car produced by the toymaker Corgi is the first household item to be powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The car, called H2GO, uses hydrogen derived from tap water as its fuel and was developed by the Leicester-based company in partnership with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, an international firm based in Shanghai that hopes to extend the technology to home appliances.

The hydrogen is separated from oxygen in the tap water via a miniaturised unit powered by a rechargeable battery. A tiny solar panel to charge the battery is an optional extra. The H2GO, which is billed as the first “zero emissions” remote-control toy, went on show at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. It is expected to sell for £130 from September.

Human beings, at this point in time, appear clever enough to devise power systems that do not require the burning of fossil fuels !

There is hope for us yet.

Friday, 8 February 2008

The Coming Collapse of International Credit Ratings Agencies - Moody's, Standard & Poor, and Fitch

The problem, the challenge, the scandal, is not that the bond insurers are about to be downgraded. The real scandal lies in the fact that they haven't been downgraded a long time ago - and much deeper than from "AAA" to "AA". In fact, what needs to be downgraded are the major international credit ratings agencies, Moody's, Standard & Poor, and Fitch.
Why do they need to be downgraded? Because the top three or four ratings agencies are ridiculously behind the curve when it comes to letting investors know about problems with the entities whose credit standing and investment outlook they (pretend to) rate. The reason for that appears to be an unresolvable conflict of interest which emanates from how these agencies get paid. They get paid for their services by the companies (and governments) whose performance they rate.

A "corrupt" system is unravelling.

Sometimes it pays to be fairly objective about certain financial positions doesn't it ?

More economic upheavals to come.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bin Laden is Dead.

Bin Laden has been dead for years. Every video and audio tape from and including the "fat Bin Laden confession" onwards have been fakes. Bin Laden had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11 (see links below)
The 2001 Bin Laden Confession tape is a Fake.

The Real Bin Laden is Left Handed.

The Real Bin Laden Denied Involvement in the Attacks.

The 2004 Bin Laden Threat tape is a Fake.

Experts Agree: Bin Laden tapes are Fakes.

The Real Bin Laden Died in Late 2001 or Early 2002.

The 911 attacks were an Inside Job.

In the propaganda war, the spector of Bin Laden is a useful tool for keeping people mum about speaking out about the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Exposing the truth about 911 will end these wars and restore some measure of peace to the Middle East.

9/11 Inquiry Head 'tried to Shield George Bush'

The head of the commission that investigated the Sept 11 terrorist attacks had closer ties to the White House than he admitted and tried to limit the Bush administration's responsibility for the incident, a book claims.

Philip Zelikow, the 9/11 Commission's executive director, allegedly attempted to intimidate staff to avoid findings that would be damaging to President George W Bush, who was running for re-election, and Condoleezza Rice, his then National Security Adviser.

This is the tip of the 911 cover-up "iceberg." The Commission, at almost every level was steered away from looking into ANY evidence that indicated the attacks of 911 were an inside job.

This summary, posted by Professor David Ray Griffin referencing his book "Omissions and Distortions," outlines over one hundred lies contained within the 911 report- lies that can be attributed to the direction of Dr Philip Zelikow.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Recap: The TERROR of 911:Ground level Video of New York City Streets on 9/11/2001

911 Truth is all about seeking justice for the poor souls who perished on that day. Real justice needs to be meted out to the unconscionable individuals who ran the terror operation and made victims out of us all.

In the video you will see people falling to their deaths and New York City residents fleeing through the streets after the first tower is demolished.

Make no mistake- there is scientific evidence proving the World Trade Centre buildings did not collapse due to the aircraft hits and subsequent fires.

Get mad and write to your papers demanding a proper investigation into this crime. We all need to think about the consequences of these attacks and work to stop the wars in the Middle East.

Recap: Explosions and Dead Bodies in WTC 7 BEFORE Any of the Towers Collapsed.

We also have reports and photos of Molten Steel, and proof of Thermate Explosive products, at 911 ground zero (here) proving there were bombs inside all the buildings that collapsed. This clip re-enforces the fact that the official account of 911 is a lie.

A disturbing point here is that the mainstream media has access to all the interviews with survivors who heard, felt and saw massive secondary explosions in all the buildings but have done nothing with the information. Foreign media can be partly forgiven as they take their cues from the US media. The US corporate media on the other hand is likely corrupted. The story here is being deliberately buried.

The "Great Mystery" of Iraq's WMDs? - CBS Ignores Evidence from its own Show

A January 27 report on CBS's 60 Minutes attempted to answer what CBS reporter Scott Pelley claimed was a key mystery of the Iraq War: Why didn't Saddam Hussein tell the world he had no weapons of mass destruction, and thus avoid the U.S.-led invasion? But if Pelley had been watching his own network's exclusive interview with Hussein on the eve of the war, he would have known that Hussein did exactly that.

The biggest "problem" with the issue of Iraq's WMDs is that the "evidence" cited by the US was deliberately falsified. The Bush Administration presented dubious or discredited items such as the Niger "yellow cake" uranium documents (forgeries), the aluminium "centrifuge" tubes (rocket artillery) and various other claims about a secret nuclear program that had came from discredited informers, as verified intelligence.

However, the raw intelligence analyses on these points was not in error at the time- the "errors" only arose after the material had been manipulated or was accepted as hard fact by neoconservative officials and their supporters.

Launching an unnecessary and unprovoked War of Aggrssion is a War Crime. The architects (liars) of the War must be held to account. Congress or US judicial authorities must launch a criminal investigation into this matter.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Top US Money Expert - 'It's Going To Be Much Worse'

You might expect Jim Rogers to be gloating a little bit. After all, the famed investor has been predicting a recession in the U.S. economy for months and shorting the shares of now-tanking Wall Street investment banks for even longer. And with fears of a recession sparking both a worldwide market sell-off and emergency action from Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, Rogers again looks prescient - just as he has over the past few years as the China-driven commodities boom he predicted almost a decade ago began kicked into high gear. But when I reached him by phone in Singapore the other day there was little hint of celebration in his voice. Instead, he took a serious tone.
"Conceivably we could have just had recession, hard times, sliding dollar, inflation, etc., but I'm afraid it's going to be much worse," he says. "Bernanke is printing huge amounts of money. He's out of control and the Fed is out of control. We are probably going to have one of the worst recessions we've had since the Second World War. It's not a good scene."

Monday, 4 February 2008

'No Ship Behind Middle East Internet Outage'

Egypt's Ministry of Communications announced in a statement Sunday that "a marine transport committee investigated the traffic of ships in the area, 12 hours before and after the malfunction, where the cables are located to figure out the possibility of being cut by a passing vessel and found out there were no passing ships at that time.”

The Ministry had originally stated that a ship dropping its anchor on the two key cables was most likely responsible for Wednesday's cut in service that robbed Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India of much of their internet.

The statement added that the location, 8.3 kilometers from the port of Alexandria, was in a restricted area so ships would not have been allowed there to begin with.

Internet blackouts are impacting large tracts of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa after four undersea cable connections were severed.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan and India, are all experiencing severe problems.

Four telecommunications cables were severed. Something is up.

Be prepared for some sort of false flag military action that will be blamed on Iran, Syria (insert other target country here).

Sunday, 3 February 2008


If the Bush administration is following their usual method of operation, something big is in the works. These acts of cutting off the patsy nation of Iran from their internet connections to the rest of the world may just be Bush's insurance that there can be no protest, nor denial, when the blame gets pinned on Iran for some impending new false-flag disaster/attack.

Just like right before 9/11.

Cutting those undersea communication cables IS a big deal.

We might soon witness some sort of follow up action in the next week or two.

The only way we can stop any more false flag attacks is to promote the truth about September 11. There IS concrete proof that the attacks of 911 were an inside job -thanks to the physical evidence we have of Molten Steel. What is required is an effort to wake people up to this reality, especially those in the media, politicians and those in the judiciary.

By forwarding evidence showing that 911 was an inside job, perhaps phrasing it as a question to your peers, might we see a change in the current status quo. We can't let the bad guys win.

Iran Oil Bourse to Deal Blow to Dollar

The long-awaited Iranian Oil Bourse, a place for trading oil, petrochemicals and gas in various non-dollar currencies, will soon open.

Iran's Finance Minister Davoud Danesh-Jafari told reporters the bourse will be inaugurated during the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution (February 1-11) at the latest.

The Iranian oil bourse will create a new market in which oil can be bought or sold without having to use US greenbacks (the petro dollar). If countries do not need so many Petro Dollars they will sell some of these causing the value of the US currency to diminish. This will likely hurt the fragile US economy and we might see some sort of (military) action taking by Washington to prevent the Iranians from keeping their bourse. Naturally the US will claim that Iran poses some sort of threat to world peace- that they are trying to develop Nuclear Weapons.

911 SMOKING GUN- The Molten Steel at Ground Zero.

In the video you will see pictures of yellowish orange metal being removed from the World Trade Centre rubble pile. From the colour we can determine that the metal is likely to be steel at approximately 850-1000 degrees celsius [1]. The metal was obviously much hotter since it has had time to cool. The problem here is that the official NISTs study can only find evidence for fires in the WTC buildings at a maximum of 650 degrees celsius. NIST shows that the fires, characterised by the billowing black smoke (which we all saw), were typical oxygen starved fires that range in temperature from around 400 to 600 degrees celsius.

Despite the lack of an extremely hot heat source we nevertheless have tons of Molten Steel existing at ground zero- a very serious anomaly indeed. Consequently a source of intense heat is REQUIRED to account for this Molten Metal which can only be attributed to two causes:

1. Blast furnace-like conditions (the rubble pile was not a blast furnace), or
2. Explosives.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

If explosives are the only viable alternative then some part of the 911 attacks on the WTC complex MUST have involved inside help. US authorities need to launch a proper criminal investigation into the terror attacks and detain the appropriate suspects for questioning.

News shocker: Ron Paul was Biggest GOP Fundraiser Last Quarter

Well, it's official, ladies and gentlemen. Believe it or not, Rep. Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texan who hardly ever gets mentioned in Republican political news and the one-time libertarian who always gets the least time on TV debates if he isn't barred completely, was, in fact, the most successful Republican fundraiser in the last three months of 2007.

By a Texas mile.

By the thousands, Paul's fervent followers donated $19.95 million to the "Ron Paul Revolution." He spent $17.75 million, and at year's end, had $7.8 million cash on hand, making him the only Republican candidate to increase his fundraising totals in every quarter of 2007. According to his website, Paul's Paulunteers have contributed another $4.1 million this month to fuel the strict constitutionalist's travels and advertising campaign.

The mainstream media in the US is trying to keep a lid on the anti-big government and anti-War campaign of candidate Ron Paul. Support for Paul is real but the media continues to stymie his chances of winning through its blatant censorship of Paul's message. That, and the fact that his own Republican party is rigging the vote against him in the Primary Elections .

Saturday, 2 February 2008

False Flag Terror Warning- 4 Undersea Communications Cables Cut in Middle East.

Hold that Thought, I've got to go to the Al Qaeda.

Over the last several days four underground cables have been cut in the Middle East. You can read about it here . One was also cut that linked UAE and Oman so this gives us four cables. Guess what? Ships dragging anchors caused this in every case. At no time in the past did four major cables get cut at the same relative time by dragging ship’s anchors and now four have been cut just like that. Can you say “three high rise buildings tumbling into their own footprints in one day?” I thought you could.

Michael Rivero at made an important observation on this issue:

"In the days leading up to 9-11, the FBI shut down Muslim websites across America, silencing the voices that would have spoken out against the propaganda blaming Arab Muslims for 9-11.

So now we see the websites in the Middle East being cut off from the entire world.
And the
Superbowl is this Sunday!"

Let's just hope the cable cutting shenanigans has nothing to do with further conflict ...

The Black Box Economy

The mortgage-driven securities that have been making headlines are but the tip of a much larger iceberg. Far larger categories of investment have sprung up, with just as much secrecy, and even less clarity into who holds them and how much they are truly worth.
Many of these began as conventional instruments of finance. For instance, derivatives - the broad category of investments whose value is somehow based on other assets, whether a stock, commodity, debt, or currency - have been traded for more than a century as a form of insurance, helping stabilize otherwise volatile markets.

But today, increasingly, a new generation of derivatives doesn't trade on markets at all. These so-called over-the-counter derivatives are highly customized agreements struck in private between two parties. No one else necessarily knows about such investments because they exist off the books, and don't show up in the reports or balance sheets of the parties who signed them.

As the derivatives business has grown more complex, it has also ballooned in scale. Broadly speaking, Das - author of a leading textbook on derivatives and complex securities - estimates that investors worldwide hold more than $500 trillion worth of derivatives. This number now dwarfs the global GDP, which tops out around $60 trillion.

Essentially unregulated and all but invisible, over-the-counter derivatives comprise a huge web of bets, touching every sector of the world economy, that entangles a massive amount of money. If they start to look shaky - or if investors need to start selling them to cover other losses - that value could vanish, with catastrophic results to the owner and unpredictable effects on financial markets.

This article excellently explains the underlying problem currently faced in the financial markets- a problem of excessively leveraged money.

From the article we can see that the banks have been creating money out of thin air at an unprecedented rate and now they cannot back the losses incurred by this inflated phantom economy. If it were not for repeated bailouts by the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank we would have already seen a number of Bank failures.

This situation is not to be taken lightly. The prospect of a global economic meltdown still remains very high.

(It is interesting to note that the author, Stephen Mihm, has a book, "A Nation of Counterfeiters" !)

Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate"

Ron Paul was cheated for the umpteenth time last night, this time by CNN, as the corporate media once again engaged in mass public deception by advertising their spectacle as a "debate" when in fact it was nothing more than a staged punch and judy show.
The highlight of the night came when Ron Paul slammed the punch and judy spat between McCain and Romney over Iraq, both of whom fully support endless occupation, with the Senator making it clear this week that a McCain presidency would mean more wars.

The only anti-War candidate is once again sidelined by the establishemnt media.