Thursday, 10 January 2008

Vote Fraud Likely in New Hampshire

There were several major vote fraud issues to arise out of the New Hampshire primary revolving mainly around Ron Paul and Barack Obama, who were both seemingly cheated out of third and first places respectively as a result of rigged Diebold voting machines and deliberate malfeasance in the counting of hand-written paper ballots.

The votes appear to have been tabulated in secret using computers owned by the company which was involved in the election rigging of 2004. There is no transparency about this process, and any calls to verify the vote will be brushed aside as the mainstream pundits remain fixated in their own "reality."

This issue of election rigging is one of the most important we face in the 21st Century. It is through false elections that we get warmongers like Cheney and Bush. The next President anointed by this process will ONLY be someone who has been bought and paid for by the "special interests" ie. the oil industry, defence corporations etc.

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