Thursday, 17 January 2008

NBC Hit Piece against Polling Data

Of what use are opinion polls?

By Tom Curry

After the failure of opinion polls in New Hampshire to anticipate Sen. Hillary Clinton’s triumph, people are taking a second look at why we pay so much attention to polls.

The polls didn't fail- the official tally was rigged. The following letter was sent to the author in response to his article:

Your Opinion Poll story is a Joke.


Well conducted polling does provide an accurate measure of voter intentions. The examples you cite in defense of your hypothesis- that the opinion polling is inaccurate is, in itself, flawed.

The simple fact of the matter is that the disconnect between the official results and the polling in the New Hampshire primary are due entirely to vote fraud using Diebold machines.

We know that the pre-election polling WAS accurate because we have your own stations (NBC) Exit Polling data that reveals Obama was beating Clinton by more than 4 percentage points on the day. The fact is that Exit Polling is accurate and is used to determine whether elections have been rigged overseas. The case of New Hampshire is no exception.

Thankfully the foreign press, mainly in Europe, has identified the fraud with Italian and Russian news picking up on the story. At least some people out there are going to be adequately informed.

I see that you also cited the discredited claims of Edison-Mitofsky who claimed that the exit polling data in the 2004 Presidential election was flawed. They claimed that Kerry Voters were more likely to respond to the exit polling. However, this has been thoroughly discredited by a scientific panel that found that it was more likely that Republican voters would have been polled slightly more frequently. Once again the statistical differences between the polling (exit polls) and the official count comes down to whether or not an electronic counting process was used- a clear sign of fraud.

I do concede that you're close to the mark in one regard- but, once again, it comes down to corrupt procedures rather than an inherently flawed polling process. It is true that some national Poll data has been wildly inaccurate but this has come about because the polling had deliberately excluded certain candidates in favour of the others. Independent observers have noted that many national pollsters have repeated excluded the Candidate Ron Paul from their polling - undoubtly in an effort to hide his popularity. Here we must note that the polling is in error only because it has been deliberately skewed.

In the final analysis history will show that in the early 21st century the American electoral system and the media reporting this process was corrupted- that those in the media who were not themselves corrupt were blind to the reality. Your article on the opinion polling is highly representative of the view that NBC is, at its core, a pro establishment propaganda vehicle.

Your story on the opinion polling only contributes to the destruction of your democratic institutions. Do not be complicit in this process.

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