Thursday, 8 November 2007

What To Do Before the Asteroid Strikes: The Doomsday Rock is Out There. It’s Just a Matter of Time...

In 2004, as a massive tsunami roiled through the Indian Ocean killing hundreds of thousands of people, a dozen or so scientists quietly confronted an impending disaster potentially even more lethal. They had inside intelligence that a chunk of rock and metal, roughly 1,300 feet wide, was hurtling toward a possible collision with the most populated swath of Earth—Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.

Add to list of things to do... search for Earth killing asteroids.

Imagine if you were one of the scientists doing the calculations and the numbers showed, without doubt, we would be hit with a massive asteroid within a few years. This could happen tomorrow. Until we can map our local region of space there's every chance our existing civilisation could get wiped out by a huge chunk of rock in the very near future.

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