Sunday, 4 November 2007

No, The Collapse of the Twin Towers Did NOT Create the Molten Metal

When confronted with evidence that temperatures at the World Trade Centers were too high to have been caused by anything other than explosives, defenders of the government story argue that such temperatures were caused by "friction" or "pressure" from the gigantic buildings collapsing in on themselves.

In other words, they argue that tremendous gravitational energy was released by the collapse of the Twin Towers as parts of the buildings crashed into other parts -- which in turn generated sufficient heat to melt and even partially evaporate the Towers' strong structural steel, and to keep the metal at ground zero in a molten state for months after 9/11.

However, a professor emeritus of physics has proven that the collapses themselves could not have melted steel.
From George Washington's Blog.

The ex-President is right on the money here. Large portions of the Steel in the buildings could hardly have turned molten due to the collapse of the buildings.

Steel beams during the collapse would likely have twisted, bent or snapped- punching though concrete floors- but they would not have converted into a molten state. Consider smashing a tiny piece of metal with a hammer- even a sledge hammer. The metal warps and distorts (and heats somewhat) but it hardly turns to a molten state.

We have the answers, so it is time to get the word out. The evidence here eliminates any doubt about the attacks being an outside job.

Whatever theories one holds about how the attacks were conducted this core scientific evidence is the ultimate proof- and it is from this point we can build the most robust case.

Post this key information far and wide.

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