Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mainstream Media Polling Fraud: Candidate Ron Paul Deliberately Excluded

If an orchestrated attempt by the national media corporations are intent on drowning Ron Paul’s campaign in a sea of lies, treachery, and media spin, then surely they must at least try to conceal their tactics. They have not.

A cursory glance of national polling data will reveal to anyone, even the most diehard supporter of corporate media’s integrity, that the mainstream polls used as statistical proof of Ron Paul’s low chances more often than not do NOT include Ron Paul in the polls.

Outrageous !

The article also indicates that some of the polls include lower tier candidates like Mike Huckabee while excluding Ron Paul who is clearly a more popular choice.

The corporate media is trying to cheat American Voters

The reality is that Paul has won more straw polls than any other Republican candidate, he has more active volunteers than any other candidate, he has a level of funding that rivals the top Candidates from all parties, he has more online support than any Candidate from both parties and he has won approximately 95% of the Internet polls that have included him (which includes the post debate online polling).

The only way to overcome the mainstream censorship is to get out and drum up as much support as possible. The corporations will not be able to stop 80% of the US population demonstrating their support for Ron Paul. How will they handle massed rallies for Paul in which there are a hundred thousand people in the streets ?

It is time to act because Paul also faces a battle against electronic vote fraud. The corporations conducting the election counting will cook the books in order to sideline him because of his anti-big government and anti-War position (key reasons for his popularity). The heads of these companies are the guys responsible for Bush's victory in 2004. They will not accept a Ron Paul victory.

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