Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Washington Post Editor Says Bush, Gonzales Should be Tortured

An associate editor and columnist for the Washington Post says that until George W. Bush and others in his administration endure the "harsh" treatment to which terrorism suspects are subjected, then Bush "will be remembered as the president who tried to justify torture."

Well, this is very interesting coming from inside the Washington Post, a newspaper that has a record for regugitating the lies spun by the White House.

In the past the paper has covered for the Administration. For example, fairly recently it has been caught out altering critical information on the war in Iraq - hiding the fact that the "Iranian made" improvised explosive devices were actually being produced in Iraq (see here). This information undermines a key White House claim that the Iranians are meddling in Iraq-a claim that is being trumpeted so that the neo cons will have an excuse to launch another unprovoked war.

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