Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Human Overpopulation of the Earth: A Real Problem for Future Generations


Humans are extremely successful animals. Apart from ourselves, meteors, volcanoes and earthquakes there is very little to threaten our continued population expansion. Eventually something has to give- our planet will not be able to support an infinite number of energy hungry humans.

Some sort of plan needs to be worked out !

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Tired said...

Except that human population growth isnt exponential. its actually in decline in many areas, and its expected that the amount of areas that will see population decline will increase in coming years. Resources are still an issue though, particularly for Asian, African and South American nations that will become developed nations in the next century.
The US wont have to worry about any of these issues however, as likely it will be a 'failed state' withing 10-15 years. There goes the largest waster of the worlds resources...