Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Ex-FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Says She is Ready to "Spill the Beans" on Acts of Treason Committed by US Officials in Relation to the 911 Attacks.

Attention CBS 60 Minutes: we've got a huge scoop for you. If you want it.

Remember the exclusive story you aired on Sibel Edmonds, originally on October 27th, 2002, when she was not allowed to tell you everything that she heard while serving as an FBI translator after 9/11 because she was gagged by the rarely-invoked "States Secret Privilege"? Well, she's still gagged. In fact, as the ACLU first described her, she's "the most gagged person in the history of the United States of America."

But if you'll sit down and talk with her for an unedited interview, she has now told The BRAD BLOG during an exclusive interview, she will now tell you everything she knows.

Everything she hasn't been allowed to tell since 2002, about the criminal penetration of the FBI where she worked, and at the Departments of State and Defense; everything she heard concerning the corruption and illegal activities of several well-known members of Congress; everything she's aware of concerning information omitted and/or covered up in relation to 9/11. All of the information gleaned from her time listening to and translating wire-taps made prior to 9/11 at the FBI.

Sibel Edmonds has stated that her legal lines of appeal against the gag order (the cover-up) have been exhausted. Members of Congress who have promised to act on her information- information that has been confirmed as accurate- have done nothing.

This is about exposing criminals and seeking justice. If Sibel cannot get Congress to act or have the mainstream media to air her story, then she MUST release a recorded interview on the internet in order to get the information out in the open.

Her information about the 911 attacks may very well bring a stop to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -perhaps bringing down the current US Administration.

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