Wednesday, 24 October 2007

CNN - '911 Truthers Are The New Timothy McVeighs'

That's the quote from Glenn Beck on CNN Headline News, Monday October 22 at about 9:15 pm EST.

Mr Beck obviously has no clue. It was interesting to see that the guests he invited to push his claim were both debunking chumps.

The "Skeptic" Michael Shermer stated that the World Trade Centre collapses exhibited none of the features of a demolition. He is wrong. All the building collapses displayed features of controlled demolition and WTC 7 exhibited ALL the features of a classic controlled demolition (see here). The man was either ignorant or is deliberately LYING.

James Meigs from Popular Mechanics, the other guest, made the claim that the evidence against the 911 "truthers" was overwhelming whereas the opposite is true. The official story is simply not supported by the evidence. Once again this guy is either grossly ignorant or is a LIAR.

I'd like to see CNN invite Professor Steven Jones or David Ray Griffin onto the show for an honest debate about the 911 physical evidence.


Tired said...

wouldnt worry what this hack has to say... hes known as CNN's version of bill o'reilly.

so basically, just a more flamboyant, less provocative moron.

SpookyPunkos said...

propagandists !!

I'd love to see the day when these people are shamed for this disgraceful cover up of the 911 murders.

One must assume, from their contempt and denial of the physical evidence at hand (for 911 truth), that the "expert" guests are deliberately lying. They are supposed to experts who have examined the data, but they talk as if they know next to nothing.

The bastards !!!