Wednesday, 10 October 2007

911 SMOKING GUN- The Molten Steel at Ground Zero.

In the video you will see pictures of yellowish orange metal being removed from the World Trade Centre rubble pile. From the colour we can determine that the metal is likely to be steel at approximately 850-1000 degrees celsius [1]. The metal was obviously much hotter since it has had time to cool. The problem here is that the official NISTs study only provides evidence for fires in the WTC buildings at 650 degrees celsius. These fires, characterised by the billowing black smoke, were typical oxygen starved fires that burn at around 400-600 degrees celsius. Without doubt the World Trade Centre fires were not excessively hot fires.

Nevertheless a source of intense heat is still required to account for the Melted the Steel seen in the video and it can only be attributed to two other causes:

1. A blast furnace (the rubble pile was not a blast furnace), or
2. Explosives.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

If explosives were used, then part of the attacks on the WTC complex must have involved inside help.


brentos99 said...

i'm not a scientist or an engineer of any sort, but couldnt a 3rd option be, the metal falling from such a huge height?

the metal was already hot and other things colided with it, couldnt such an impact be a possible 3rd explanation?

SpookyPunkos said...

yeah, that possibility has been refuted in a scientific paper posted in the Journal of 911 Studies. There's simply not enough energy to convert tons of steel into a molten state as seen in the photos and reported from 911 ground zero.

Sure, some steel beams would have gained heat from the friction in the collapse but it could not have converted them into a molten state. We are talking about needing smothering heat of around 1000 degrees C.