Saturday, 8 September 2007

Latest Fake "Bin Laden" Tape Released as Poll Shows more than 50% of Americans want New 9/11 Investigation.
Bin Laden has been dead for years. Every video and audio tape from and including the "fat Bin Laden confession" tape onwards have been fakes. (see links below)

The 2001 Bin Laden Confession tape is a Fake.
The Real Bin Laden is Left Handed.
The Real Bin Laden Denied Involvement in the Attacks.
The 2004 Bin Laden Threat tape is a Fake.
Experts Agree: Bin Laden tapes are Fakes.
The Real Bin Laden Died in Late 2001 or Early 2002.

ABC news' approach to the new video is typical of the mainstream media's handling of all previous tapes. They cite "intelligence sources" (or officials) who hint that the message is authentic. They then have a trusted expert basically agreeing with that position- although in this case the expert, ex-counter Terrorism Chief, Richard Clarke, has some reservations over the look of this Bin Laden.

Heck, if the no-budget blogs can do research enough to point out these obvious fake tapes then the "real media" is either corrupt, asleep at the wheel or both. Our mainstream media has a lot to answer for especially if we are subject to more false flag terror attacks from elements within the US government (aka another 911).

The important question this video raises is why is the US government releasing this tape now ? Is it to quell people's lingering questions about September 11 on the 6th Anniversary of the Attacks? Is it because of the recent Zogby Poll showing that most Americans suspect their own government's involvement in the operation ? Or is it because another attack might be planned and they are preparing the audience ?

(thanks to Tired for contributing analysis !)

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